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  1. Eh? I must have totally missed this - when did that press release appear?!
  2. I’d MUCH rather hear GNR cover B&HO than Slither. Brilliant song.
  3. I had a discussion a few years ago with a fellow poster who was very switched on with this and it seems that the ‘talking’ you hear has been cut and moved around. There was a tape purchased in 2020 by someone of the gig (a collector) and the setlist of the tape cover has it as Paradise, KOHD, Rosie, KOHD. Certainly seems like the discussions in between have been moved about (and you can actually hear bits that sound out of place where a cut has been made). Why? Who knows!
  4. Cheers. Just a random thought that had popped into my head. I must admit - what you and others have deciphered just makes me even more sure it’s ‘when and not if’. And also adds weight to those who have said it’s actually been completed for a while. 👍 When I get on the PC later, I might have a look at the Wayback website and see what that database looked like in advance of the AC/DC and Iron Maiden releases….seeing as we know they were deffo recorded a few years ago and held back.
  5. Don’t laugh if this is an absolutely terrible question….what happens if you try to look for a code within the sequence? I take it the database (or whatever it is) doesn’t flag up it’s been earmarked for GNR….if that makes sense?
  6. TBF - he COULD save us a hell of a lot of trouble and confirm how much vocals were recorded after 1999…..🤣. And the ultimate question…..does Zodiac 13 have vocals?!? A yes or no answer would do! 🤣 A general chat either with yourself or the AFD podcast would be cool - even just some cool stories. There must be a few! Totally - I’d love an overview of his time in the band or just a few stories.
  7. Some might argue it deserves to be pulled! 🤣 Apart from a couple of tracks, it’s a very bad gig that folk should not see. Which is super irritating seeing there is a lack of pro-shot footage from NITL.
  8. In my head - I can see them excelling at a Led Zep III type of thing. A single album which has a complete variety of styles (rockers/acoustic/epicy). Using the Led Zep comparison again - ideally it would be like Physical Graffiti which is just as varied….but is just much longer/more songs. 🤣
  9. When folk talk about the ‘piecing together the song’ I’m not actually convinced that’s really a case here - the vocal track is clearly the original from 1999…but almost everything else is freshly recorded. So whilst there is clearly a guide because of the original demo (similar structure and whatnot) everything has been re-recorded from the ground up with the original vocals used. So I don’t see it as a piece together. That said - the mix is weird. Vocals are too far back until post-solo where they appear to be more up front. 🤷🏼‍♂️
  10. It doesn’t necessarily need to be piano-driven….Locomotive/Coma would be equally acceptable. IF (and it’s a big if) they can create some legit sleazy riffs then fair doos….it’s just how ‘real’ it would be coming from near 60 year olds. 🤷🏼‍♂️ I suppose it why Rocket Queen is IMO the best song GNR will ever do - it’s super sleazy AND epic. Just brilliant. Fair enough - right to the point. 🤣 Yeah - I’d actually be happy with anything but a more epic song would be great.
  11. On any new album I’d hope that the majority of It would be of a more ‘epic’ style with a couple of straightforward rockers thrown in.
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