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  1. Totally agree - a tour EP was the easiest thing in the world to do and would have likely gave extra impetus to the latter stages of NITL......and yet nothing. 🙄
  2. I’ll be honest - I’d be completely fine with a studio version of Wichita Lineman....I think I’m one of the very few folk on here who actually likes it! Prefer it to be a b-side as to not waste a space right enough! 🤣
  3. Based on the Village sessions alone then we know there is quality material there to be built upon so I’d be more than happy if that was the basis of the majority of the new album. Slash and Duff adding/changing Village stuff is fine by me. FWIW I think it will be a 50/50 effort between Village stuff and new compositions. Im not fussy how any new album is made up TBH....😂.
  4. Pretty much exactly how I feel. Chin Dem the song is a mean rocker in the Village sessions and waaay more raw. As is Rhiad. Prostitute on the final version is much better than the Village version. I’d say 3/4 of the final release was properly better in in 2000/2001 which is crazy really. Although don’t get me wrong - I’m a big fan of 2008 CD.
  5. AJFA is a complete anomaly as it shouldn’t really work....and yet it does. Over the years folk have used Guitar Hero stems to mix higher bass and it sounds weird! From memory the rough mixes in the Deluxe set had a bit more bass although some guitar tracks were missing.
  6. To be fair you did say ‘Ill take a gander at these unmarked gnr cds.’ which gave the impression you were talking about unreleased stuff. Sarcasm doesn’t always translate well on the internet....🤣
  7. Yeah - TBH I’m just bantering. I really struggle to believe anyone would claim to have stuff like that and not even listen to it! It’s possible.......but unlikely. 😂
  8. Well......you DID say you had ‘unreleased GNR’ CDs?! What are people supposed to think?!?! 🤷🏼‍♂️ As @Gordon Comstocksays....there are loads of other bands out there we all like....but doesn’t stop us chatting about GNR!
  9. Dude - this could be the unaltered CD2 you have longed for....and you are telling him to wait! 🤣 Joking aside - I hope it’s real and sees the light of day. Personally I would not be waiting to have a look if it was in my possession - I’d be all over it immediately!!! @fear the juggalo2 you have to give them a listen....could be amazing stuff.....or could be dodgy soundboards from 2012 😂.
  10. Aww come on.....just have a gander and then share them.....think of the awesome karma you’d get.....the chairman is dead - long live the chairman!!! Or something. 😂 In all seriousness though - the Chairman leaks was the funnest time being a GNR fan (reunion apart) since 2008.....those weeks when stuff appeared were good times. When I type it out like that it’s kinda sad isn’t it for a band of this significance. 😤
  11. If it’s a choice I’d take “new” songs please. 😂 The GNR forums are dying a death - leaks are pretty much all we can realistically hope for in the short-term. If you are/were The Chairman.....cheers for what we got from the Village sessions. 👍
  12. I seem to recall they were clearing stock etc - which would suggest that stuff was planned to replace it. T-shirts with the new album cover......or something! 😂
  13. That’s a bit harsh - I know Silkworms isn’t everyone’s cup of tea but to say it isn’t music is wrong.....😂
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