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  1. Don’t think so - I think it was in reference to @Route66 post where ‘rabid’ was mentioned
  2. Shout out for Bad Apples. Love that tune. 🤣 Cant believe the only live recording available has a Brazilian dude talking randomly during it. TB….killing GNR even since 1991…..joking 🤣
  3. Don’t Damn Me (seeing as it’s never been played) but if it’s to be one they just haven’t played in aeons then Reckless Life. Cover? I’d like to hear SIDHY or Sailing. Actually….Beggars and Hangers On would be absolutely tremendous.
  4. Any chance he heard Axl screaming anything about ’all cautions made’ or having his ‘eye on you’….. 🤣. In all seriousness, good that Axl was there and sounds positive that there was ‘unknown’ stuff being played (be it new/rare).
  5. 👍 Agreed it should have been used more sparingly to have PTU or any other actual GNR song played more. I think they would kill this in the studio. Well - at least I three of us like it. 🤣
  6. I think im in the minority who really likes Wichita Lineman 🤣.
  7. Yeah Reckless Life has a real raw energy and it’s a pity it hasn’t been played more often.
  8. Yeah - I was aware there was a bootleg but hadn’t known of a pro shot (like Saskatoon etc). Nice to have and it SOUNDS good too! Garden Of Eden would be tremendous - I’ve heard bootlegs of it when they were on YouTube and it sounded heavy and mean. Think it was only performed 3 times or something.
  9. Was Belgium 93 a known video recording or is it a ‘new’ source we didn’t know about?
  10. This announcement is no surprise at all….but just because this is coming out doesn’t mean anything GNR-related can’t/won’t see the light of day (I realise thats not a popular opinion be hey-ho). 🤷🏼‍♂️ Just been reminded that ABBA are going to be releasing some new tracks….if they can do it bloody anyone can! 🤣
  11. Agreed on the bike (awful) but the Grenade is my favourite….Grenade, Red Hand then miles behind is the Bike. Just hope they reissue it with alternate covers.
  12. A simple reissue with a choice of 3 covers to be purchased from the website…..not a difficult decision really and yet……
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