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  1. Also - I disagree MetallicA have burned out.....Hardwired was the strongest album they have put out in decades. Death Magnetic was strong too but not at the same level. I haven’t listened to the Aerosmith one but I gather it’s pretty awful?
  2. We are definitely towards the end it seems but that’s more down to age. Unless we get more material which reflects where they are at now (musically and ability/vocals) then it’s difficult to see them performing live for the long haul with the current suite of songs.
  3. Yup - the fact we know there is material in the bank (and there is some good stuff there) it’s all the more irritating we are still bloody waiting. You don’t like SOYL?
  4. I could get behind that statement if we actually had something to compare against. If they released a single that was plain shite then yeah - you’d worry that as a creative unit they are finished.....but we can’t make that call until we hear something. I really wish we had something to bloody listen to. 😖
  5. Wow - 7 months ago?? I suppose it does give a small bit of hope that it’s true the album is done and the comments from Slash about ‘working out how to release this thing’ are related to marketing strategy. 🤷🏼‍♂️
  6. I have AIC Unplugged on MOV - sounds tremendous but again, packaging was ‘bare bones’ and not high-rez cover.
  7. Azoff - that’s the name. I was too lazy to google it. Good shout. 👍
  8. Maybe - although if he isn’t interested in them there then what would be the channel for them? Pre-reunion SMKC appeared to be his only channel as there was no ‘epics’ elsewhere. I suppose my point is that Axl specialises in the epics which Slash can seriously lock into and elevate with the right solo etc and Slash specialises in the straightforward rock which Axl can elevate with the right vocal and lyric. Its why they were dynamite and we all hope they can still be.....when we get something new......eventually......!
  9. Someone suggested that was only released as part of the tour/legal agreement with former management (name escapes me). So it was likely put out against Axls wishes and may explain why he isn’t even interviewed on it.
  10. Funnily enough I said exactly that 4 posts up 😂. So yeah - I agree with your thoughts....why post awesome quality video and potentially harm sales of an official release?
  11. The End Of Days soundtrack was released on vinyl relatively recently @RussTCBgot it - so it’s now on vinyl!
  12. Wow - that’s quite a thing re the Prodigy 😂 most folk would have kicked off...at least they were honest! The spontaneity lasted up to as far as NITL for me.....they still did random stuff like Rose Bar etc and now it’s ‘locked in’ with an almost identical setlist etc which is a drag (not so much a problem on a short tour....3 years though....). Heres hoping something changes for the better - anything - as it’s like a ghost town round here just now. A selects, 5 second snippet of a new track (we could discuss that for MONTHS...😂)...anything!!!
  13. I don’t think there was anything graphic on the videos...just had that 70s look soft core stuff going on 😂. Maybe he was late but sure Prodigy ran over too which didn’t help (they were terrible - so disappointed and it sounded like they were just playing their CD with live vocals/guitar). I know based on the sampling they do etc that might be the result but I remember thinking this is like the CD.....but with bad vocals...😂. Crowd seemed to like them so fair enough. I remember folk drifting towards the end - mainly folk panicking about missing the shuttle buses I think. 😂
  14. I remember being thrilled at seeing Axl on stage, his rant re the ‘where’s slash’ sign and him replying ‘Slash being in his ass’ and telling the heckler to fuck off basically 😂. There was some issue with getting on late and needing to get an extension from the council - it was actually the Prodigy’s fault as they overran. Rocket Queen had 70’s style porn videos on the screens (I hope I haven’t made that up....), Buckethead was doing his nunchucks and Paradise City have pyrotechnics going off all over the place at the end....about 1:00am?!!! Thats from memory and some may be total gar
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