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  1. Nothing to do with what it meant to the members of the band, they don't promote the tour and let's be honest Pitman isn't really a big selling point to help fill stadiums, 20 years in the band or not.
  2. Silkworms is about the least GNR thing ever done by any lineup of the band. It’s just computer shit with some random Axl yelling. But the ethereal intro bit from the leak version is still killer
  3. Do people seriously think Axl would consider releasing a new album without anything he'd worked on for the last 20 years? Unlikely
  4. I mean they did have consecutive songs on UYI1 called Garden of Eden and The Garden
  5. I'd be surprised if the Europe or America tours went ahead, from what I've heard about the coronavirus the worst of it will last for another 6-8 months which would take us to the fall in the states. What I'm thinking is most likely is that they'll do the rescheduled South America dates, hopefully some Australia/NZ shows early next year, then the Europe/NA tour in spring/summer
  6. Either this is going to be one hell of an encore or we’ve all been stitched up big time
  7. Hopefully just the start of the surprises but nice to hear still
  8. Every time they've sound checked a new song (as in not played before on the tour) with Axl, they've played the song that show (Locomotive, SOYL etc). So I'd be very surprised if we didn't get at least those three songs.
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