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  1. Mine arrived today as well... The vinyl looks cool The image on the inside though
  2. I don't expect any news regarding a new album, but still did anybody listen to this?
  3. These pictures were uploaded on their website some minutes ago and immediately taken down again. That definitely confirms Brian, Cliff and Phil are back and they were working on something. Also a French (?) music news outlet claimed an hour earlier that a new album will be released on 27th November.
  4. Keith was on BBC Radio 2 this morning and talked to Zoe Ball... Nothing we didn't know already but still nice to have a recent Keith interview
  5. They need to take the strongest YCBM and RQ from the tour if they want to do an official release... So these two songs from Houston... I wouldn't take anything from Download, that just wasn't a good show.. I put together a list with performances that I'd like to see in an official release: 1. It's So Easy (Troubadour LA, 01.04.2016) 2. Mr. Brownstone (San Diego, 22.08.2016) 3. Chinese Democracy (Mannheim, 24.06.2018) 4. Welcome To The Jungle (Chicago, 03.07.2016) 5. Double Talkin' Jive (Philadelphia, 08.10.2017) 6. Estranged (Charlotte, 25.09.2019) 7. Live and Let
  6. This should not be a discussion thread, rather an overview of all the 'NITL Selects' they uploaded so far. I will update this thread when a new one is uploaded. Salt Lake City, UT - 29.10.2019 1. It's So Easy 2. Chinese Democracy 3. Double Talkin' Jive Uploaded on 22.05.2020 Download Festival, UK - 09.06.2018 1. Slither 2. Rocket Queen 3. You Could Be Mine 4. Attitude 5. Sweet Child O' Mine Uploaded on 20.06.2020 Houston, TX - 05.08.2016 + Mexico City, Mexico - 19./20.04.2016
  7. Definitely BY FAR the best NITL selects so far
  8. 'Are you listening to me Mr. Securityman?'
  9. Also being born in 1998 doesn't help, 95% of my friends listen to pop/hip hop/rap/edm music and 99% don't want to pay the astronomical prices that GNR, The Stones or Aerosmith charge these days (which I fully understand) So usually I go either with my gf or my dad, but I'm happy with that
  10. A lot of people find it weird when I tell them, that I go to concerts on my own. I enjoy seeing the bands I love and just focusing on them and their music and not so much on other people. Sure, the waiting before a show can become a bit boring, but overall I think it's worth it. Also when I travel to other countries to see a show, I like exploring the city and the sights the way I want to. Now I'm interested how many users on here feel the same. Do you go to concerts alone?
  11. "3. There’s always a chance, as of today there has been no talks of releasing that specific show." That is an answer from Fernando on Reddit regarding the Houston show, doesn't sound like we'll get it anytime soon
  12. I am guitarist in a band and when we have a gig and our singer doesn't show up for soundcheck, while the rest of the band, I'm pissed, because we invest our time in trying to make the best show possible and our singer doesn't seem to be interested in that
  13. Showing up for soundcheck is not only a matter of not getting rusty and keeping your voice trained but also a matter of respect towards the rest of the band When you play a tour with 150 gigs and you show up for 10 soundchecks you don't seem to give that many fucks It's disrespectful from Axl towards the other band members and the crew who work their asses off to create a good show and then Axl shows up, unprepared, probably not being familiar with the sound of the venue because he didn't attend the soundcheck and he phones it in
  14. This was probably shot for a TV report or something like that.. I think news outlets usually have permission to film the first one or two songs of a show and they film it only with 3 or 4 different camera angles and just take the sound from the soundboard, so it's better than an audience recording but far worse than a concert film by a professional filming company So yes these are pro-shots but nothing that can be released on DVD etc.
  15. Don't know if this has been said already in another thread but Fernando answered Reddit questions again and this is a quote from him: "3. We don’t have any plans on doing a documentary or movie. We have shot a few shows professionally with one being released this year." This year?? Should be announced within the next two months if they want to release it in time for the Christmas market He also said none of the Axl/DC shows were pro-shot
  16. I'd happily take the Chinese Leftovers as an 'Axl & Guests' solo album
  17. Local authorities say half of Beirut is either destroyed or heavily damaged, the financial toll is between 3 and 5 billion dollars An estimated 250.000-300.000 people have lost their home We wanted to fly to Lebanon next spring, but now we might change our plans as Lebanon might be facing a humanitarian crisis
  18. No I don't think so, Hisbollah and Israel already said that they are not responsible, Israel even offered help ISIS would have already told the world if it was them I think it was an accident
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