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  1. No, Absurd came out on Friday 6am EU mainland timezone, which was midnight ET I think
  2. You today: You tomorrow morning after they didn’t play Hardskool:
  3. Do his vocals sound like 1999 or current? And how much rasp does he use?
  4. I honestly wonder what Axl did to his voice. It’s like he suddenly discovered a new way to sing the songs without sounding like Mickey. Sure he doesn’t sound as powerful as 2001 and not as raspy as 2010 or 2016 but for a guy pushing 60 he sounds damn solid at the moment
  5. If you watch really closely you can see 4tus crying in the corner
  6. Damn it sometimes helps to be a hot chick. Still don’t really believe he played Hardskool to her even though it’d be awesome if he did
  7. I haven‘t seen any vids of the show last night but why are people saying that Axl was drunk?
  8. You already know Hardskool didn’t happen when you wake up to a nine pages long show thread
  9. 50 bucks on Hardskool not happening tonight 100 bucks on neither Steven nor Izzy making a guest appearance
  10. They’ll take Brains snare (+1.5 dB), Franks bass drum, Joshs toms and paste Stevens cymbals from the AFD sessions on all of this
  11. The definitive version of Livin on a prayer Sambora is a fucking beast!
  12. The whole incident kinda confirms for me that at least Slash and Duff don’t have Axl on their in-ear monitors
  13. Video of Duff, Dizzy and Melissa rehearsing background vocals for Madagascar. Nothing spectacular but still cool to see: https://instagram.com/stories/themelissareese/2653269542811843071?utm_source=ig_story_item_share&utm_medium=copy_link
  14. They’re playing KOHD at the moment, so I can tell you in about 3 hours
  15. Yes they played Garden of Eden, Don’t Damn Me, Coma and IRS during the encore. Axl died afterwards
  16. And some of those MIA songs would be an obvious choice considering Axls voice. I don’t get why he decides to wheeze through Better, YCBM and RQ every show, while they have awesome deep cuts like PTU, Bad Obsession, Down on the farm that haven’t been played for ages and would suit his voice really well. Locomotive was played in 2019 and sounded okay, why did they drop it??
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