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  1. I remember reading somewhere (maybe on here) that Axl had some problems with his ankles and that the snake boots are specifically made for him to have more stability I also think that he mentioned after he fell in Vegas 2019, that his shoes saved him from worse injuries Edit: I found the tweet:
  2. For those interested, there’s a video of the full Denver show on YouTube. I watched WTTJ from Denver and then from the Brasilia selects and it’s like night and day.. I believe that Axl is trying very hard but it’s just not happening. 2016 sounds like prime Axl compared to the 2021 shows so far
  3. You’re right, thanks for the clarification!
  4. Wow, first time since that mammoth show in Inglewood 2017 that they play DC and Patience in the same show! Also first time since Slash and Duff returned that Patience was played in the main set I think
  5. Just listened to Jungle and was quite pleasantly surprised! If that is his approach on this song from now on, I’ll be happy. Also good to hear that all the people there had a good time!
  6. That was by far the most entertaining GNR week since 2016 at least. We had Axl sounding good at the soundcheck in hershey, the band rehearsed Hardskool, then Axl sucked at the actual Hershey gig. Three days later they debut Absurd and end up releasing it today. All within one fucking week! That’s more action then in the whole of 2018 and 2019 together.
  7. I didn’t really learn this song but still I’m gonna use this thread for some shameless self promotion. I recently got into Olivia Rodrigo and think she has some great songs but they simply lack guitar solos.. so I put one on her new single „good 4 u“: https://youtube.com/shorts/aEUHH2L5RBg?feature=share in some way the last song I learned to play on guitar
  8. This is probably the best summary of this song so far. I didn’t even think this far but imo it’s spot on
  9. I’m listening to it and still can’t believe it.. they should’ve left out the screams though imo new GNR music how fucking absurd is that
  10. No fucking way. Where you got this info from?
  11. I think they’ll wait until Axls vocals get a bit stronger. So my guess is not tonight but maybe in 4-5 shows
  12. So would Axl during the first chorus in Hardschool
  13. This is the stuff 90% of the users on here say since 2018, still nothing changed
  14. There’s also a video of the NR soundcheck:
  15. My condolences to everyone who bought a ticket for tonight
  16. Just listened to the hardschool clip, it sounds fucking amazing imo. If they play it tonight and Axl sounds like he did on the rehearsal videos from yesterday, that might be the highlight of the show
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