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  1. Ffs the setlist was really great in 2016/17 and still quite good in 2018 but as of now it’s just so worn out why can’t they just change the order of the songs?? still good to see hardschool and PTU
  2. 13 seconds of Slither, it’s on the same account as the other vids
  3. What is „new“ for you? New aka not played during NITL or new aka unreleased songs?
  4. Fuck this shit Thanks for the info, would love to have some more updates, especially if Axl shows up at some point
  5. If anybody bought tickets only because they were hoping to see Steven/Matt/Izzy/Gilby they’re fucking stupid
  6. Anybody in Hershey already and trying to hear the soundcheck today? (if there is one)
  7. We don’t know. They might have done it
  8. SPOILER: Snippet of Civil War, I’m actually surprised how good it sounds.. he uses his clean voice but it sounds strong: Also it seems that they slowed down the tempo of Jungle and CW
  9. SPOILER: Sounds okay to me for a soundcheck before the first night
  10. Dust N Bones (Duff on vocals), 14 years (Duff on vocals), Pretty Tied Up, Bad Obsession, Down On The Farm, You Ain’t The First, Madagascar as a staple, You’re Crazy, Hardschool More unrealistic: Breakdown, Don’t Damn Me, RNDTH, Bad Apples, Atlas Shrugged
  11. Did he tell you how Axl sounded/looked?
  12. This unhealthy rasp that he had in mid 91, late 92/93 is the main reason why he sounds like Mickey these days imo
  13. So in the spirit of Gibson, will the album be worse than the last ones and massively overpriced compared to its competitors?
  14. I’m expecting the same but I’d love to be proven wrong. Maybe he really did some work with a vocal coach and while his voice was really worn out from 2018 onwards, now he had 1,5 years to recover some of it. Age is of course also a factor sadly but I think with some practice and a setlist adapted to his abilities we could get a good show. A man can dream
  15. https://instagram.com/stories/meeganhodges/2621667900764048948?utm_source=ig_story_item_share&utm_medium=copy_link another soundtrack ffs
  16. It’s like they don’t want people to like them. They actively prevent people from watching good GNR live shows. Instead they give us live shows where the band and especially Axl sounds like a parody of their former selves for 90% of the time. Sometimes I wonder whether they are surprised about the low ticket sales for the upcoming shows
  17. And if they do, it’s a pinball for 14k or so
  18. Skip to 3:16 and listen to that bass line! All three of them in full force
  19. New John Mayer album is out now, thoughts so far? I‘m a bit disappointed sadly.. the singles he released over the last two years are the strongest songs imo, the new songs are not as good. Last train home for me is the best song on the album. Til the right one comes and shot in the dark are okay, the other new songs are quite forgettable. But maybe I need some more time to get into them 🤷🏼‍♂️
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