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  1. Maybe when Slash leaves DJ can come back and rerecord Slash's demos. They aren't exactly getting any younger. I think they ride this reunion together another 5-10 years and call it a day. Maybe 15. Maybe do some shows here and there, but I can't imagine this touring machine can go on much longer. Especially the way they tour, for their age they do a ton of shows. All around the world too. I think we get CD2 with Slash and Duff, a UYI box set, a live album and then one final album from them with newly recorded stuff and then they retire sometime between 2030-2035.
  2. Not gonna lie this news is pretty disappointing. Honestly this is why I mostly avoided the leaks, because I kinda figured that this is what would happen with those songs and I didn't want to set myself up for disappointment later. I listened to them all but not to the point I can even remember how they go. Could be why I enjoyed hard skool so much (because I really like it a lot.) Hopefully, no matter what they are doing, it comes out soon
  3. I'm not saying all your points are wrong but to say Queens of the Stone Age isn't a rock band is silly. They are a hard rock and stoner rock mix with a little bit of alt-metal thrown in.
  4. I didn't order it yet but I plan on getting the vinyl and CD *Edit* realized I already answered this. I still haven't gotten around to it though lol
  5. I got the autographed CD from newbury comics before it sold out. Super excited 😁
  6. Actually same. The other ones were okay though. This is just boring lol I'm wondering if it's like some kind of foil cover with a better cover under it lol
  7. What does GnR sound like? Appetite sounded different than Lies which sounded different than the Illusions which sounfed different than CD. One of the reasons I personally enjoy GnR so much is because of their varied sound and all the different influences the differ and members bring to the table. It makes them interesting. But yeah Hard Skool sounds closer to the Illusions than most songs off CD. Street of Dreams is the next closest IMO
  8. I bought tickets today for Philly. Paid about 133 a ticket and don't even have great seats but it'll be worth it. The RHCP we're the first concert I ever went to way back in the year 2000 (I was 16) and with John back in the band I know it'll be great and worth the trip. Also the Strokes are opening!!
  9. Not sure why they get or have different merch but they have been around forever. They are definitely not knock off I remember ordering stuff from them when I wwsaune 19/20 and I'm 38 now
  10. Axl's voice is always so versatile. I remember the first time I listened to Chinese Democracy with my girlfriend she asked me who was singing the lower part of the verses lol
  11. I didn't realize Shackler's was written so close to Chinese Democracy's release.
  12. This was a really fun tour, and GnR released some new music to boot. Pretty excited for the future tbh
  13. I've definitely teared up at shows myself too man. No shame whatsoever in it. Glad you had GnR with you through all those times Music is really special
  14. Wait really? I thought the Weeknd killed it last year. I actually just watched it again the other day. One of the best halftime shows IMO
  15. I always say this too Maybe it's a hot take but take out the "listen up you guys" and stick that in place or anything goes and AFD is even better. Slash really cooks in the intro.
  16. I was at the first show, and I don't see it as a bummer that they are playing a bigger set with new music now. I look at it as a night out, so I don't care as much what they play. I got to see my favorite band play a rock and roll show, and I still get to hear the new music and follow the other shows on here. Don't look at the negative, just the positive you know? I'm just happy they released some new music!!
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