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  1. I regret not picking this album up for 2 dollars and 50 cents in 2010 at a barnes and noble. They had a whole stack of them that had never been sold.
  2. I hope they release some pro audio from a show I attended. I went to 8 shows so there is a slight chance lol
  3. So who is buying as a novelty? I absolutely have no idea what this shirt means even knowing the alleged context. Money is officially going to Charity now according to the site.
  4. That's not exactly true. She didnt use a regular entrance and she had security all the way around her to where no one could access her. Not exactly just hanging out with the common folk.
  5. I'm listening now! The lithograph art has kept me really entertained for the tour
  6. I think this new album is really pretty good. I think Ozzy superfans went into it with a pretty closed mind. I wonder if Duff had some influence on Its A Riot. It was pretty punk for Ozzy.
  7. I know this has been a dead horse repeatedly beat but I think GNR is just out of touch with the ticket prices. I think we will all grab PIT under face when the tickets brokers start recouping costs.
  8. Yeah it goes to that page no problem. But if you click 1 or 2 tickets you get We Were Unable to Process your request. It does the same on all 4 Tickets.com venues. Theres no way that there is not 1 ticket available to one of those shows lol
  9. I think Tickets.com is having an issue. Wrigley and Fenway wont let me add anything to my cart but it dont seem sold out.
  10. This tour is not going to do well I just got into Wrigley within 5 seconds. I think I'm holding off to see if ticket prices plummet. i can sit anywhere I want at any venue right now with 0 issues. Weird Al tickets were harder to get than this.
  11. All I know is in 2020 bands going on tour better be bringing a fucking spectacle. I mean announced for shows so far Motley Crues mega tour, Rolling Stones, Pearl Jam, Metallica, Guns N Rose's, Dead and Co, Green Days Hellamega Tour, etc. There are some massive shows hitting alot of the same cities plus every smaller band ever has giant tours this year. People are going to be carefully choosing where to spend money.
  12. Kobe actually put out a rap album at one point. He had like 50 Cent and NAS on it to. Late 90s.
  13. I was going to try to do this as a spur of the moment thing. It's more than I want to spend on a flight so have fun peoples
  14. It was the rotating songs + encore this last leg that he mainly made reference to in our brief conversation. Dead Horse and Locomotive in particular. He thought they would play one the first night of Vegas and the other on night 2 but when he saw the setlist it was Dead Horse both nights. If it's on the Alt. List it's been rehearsed basically. Also AXL loves Witchita Lineman and really enjoys playing it so I wouldnt look for that to go anywhere anytime soon.
  15. I asked him after Vegas when I ran into him. He don't really know the setlist until before its just about go time. Basis what they may play off of rehearsals and what not. Setlist is decided by Axl Slash and Duff from my understanding. More so Axl and Duff, Slash is cool with whatever is thrown his way. They all have songs they like to play and songs they don't like to play every night .
  16. My box is #3256 so if there is 10k assuming they did them in numerical order theres a lot of bits and pieces left over lol.
  17. Got it in today. Its pretty fucking awesome. if you have any other nice GNR collectibles this would be a high quality center piece for your collection. I'm waiting to play the vinyl until I get a nicer turn table
  18. I really dont care what either of you think of me. I'm not trying to be internet famous. Thanks, Darron
  19. It took me 3 listens to even hear the bass in this song lol.
  20. I'd have to frame that with glass front and back and a single black matte on both sides. Then I would have custom hanging hardware bent up (wouldnt be hard just a couple small pieces of steel). That way you could put your hand behind it and stuff to see that its transparent etc. Would be cool
  21. depends. Maybe they are not rehearsing the same material. Maybe they are rehearsing new songs, not really new in the sense of recorded but songs like So Fine that appear on the alt list
  22. Idk Melissa is easier to look at than Fortus. I will stand up for my St.Louis guy though lol. Like AXL said "From St.Louis if you're not for us you're against us Mr. Richard Fortus!" Hahaha
  23. Collectively Richard has been in the band longer than Slash ;). I think we can call him an official member and not just a low tier guy.
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