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  1. I saw Plant in 2018 with my dad, he was absolutely amazing, super funny and performed a stellar set.
  2. As someone who likes to sit down and actively listen to whole albums I prefer albums around the 40-50 minute mark. That being said I love the idea of having more music from artists for the purpose of playlists. If I were to go extreme and make a 40 minute album it would be the following: World On Fire Shadow Life Wicked Stone Bent To Fly Beneath The Savage Sun Avalon The Dissident The Unholy Order would be different, and the rest of the album I do need to revisit sometime soon since my taste may have changed.
  3. Both Living The Dream and World On Fire are phenomenal albums, the latter is just a little too long, I will say that World On Fire has grown on me more lately but Living The Dream is still a stronger album IMO. Apocalyptic Love doesn't come close to either.
  4. Yesterday: Black Sabbath - Sabbath Bloody Sabbath Scorpions - Savage Amusement Today: Black Sabbath - Sabotage Judas Priest - Sad Wings Of Destiny Elton John - Madman Across The Water The Ferryman - The Ferryman All on Vinyl except The Ferryman.
  5. Currently Listening to: Helloween - Keeper Of The Seven Keys Part I Recently Listened To: Halford - Resurrection Dokken - Under Lock And Key All for the first time, and all have been quite incredibly consistent and strong albums.
  6. Tales From Topographic Oceans - Yes The Revolution By Night - Blue Oyster Cult Live At Luna Park - Dream Theater
  7. Slippery Through Keep the Faith are phenomenal albums, Self Titled 7800 Degrees and These Days all have some phenomenal tracks but also have some less than amazing tracks. That being said the These Days Tour had some absolutely brilliant setlists and as such are the only shows which I seek out on youtube.
  8. Def Leppard - Hits Vegas Phenomenal setlist, great mix of their catalog into the set and really smartly organized with the Pyromania and High N Dry sections in the early set with a massive chunk of Hysteria right before the encore. Amazing stage show and good quality video.
  9. GNR - Seattle 2016 GNR - Vancouver 2017 SMKC - Vancouver 2019 Was supposed to see GNR in Seattle this year but we know how that went.
  10. Over the last week I've listened to: Assault Attack - Michael Schenker Sabotage - Black Sabbath 90125 - Yes Unholy Terror - W.A.S.P. Fragile - Yes
  11. Not sure if youtube counts. But they split the GNR selects up invididually and posted them on youtube by track.
  12. Continuing on my progressive rock theme: Relayer - Yes Signals - Rush Never heard either before but wow was Relayer a stellar album from start to finish.
  13. Currently: The Yes Album - Yes Up next: Grace Under Pressure - Rush
  14. New Myles and new SMKC in addition to the more than likely large amount of music from other bands whom have been writing during this pandemic will make for a great year of new music coming up.
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