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  1. In order, most seen is Def Leppard thats because they keep touring with bands I want to see. Bon Jovi Bryan Adams Jon Bon Jovi AC/DC Scorpions w/ Queensryche Heart w/ Joan Jett Guns N Roses w/ Alice In Chains Def Leppard w/ REO Speedwagon and Tesla Uli Jon Roth Def Leppard w/ Poison And Tesla Queen + Adam Lambert Guns N Roses w/ Royal Blood Scorpions w/ Megadeth Foreigner w/ Honeymoon Suite The Killers Stone Sour w/ Halestorm P!nk Robert Plant John Fogerty Foreigner w/ White
  2. The only two that really interest me are the two Black Sabbath Picture discs for Heaven and Hell and The Mob Rules. The former being my favourite Sabbath record.
  3. Those look awesome! I have recently shifted to Ikea shelves (which fit records) perfectly from bins. Although I haven't quite figured out how many records should be on each shelf. Plus it allows for storage of other stuff. Those shelves look quite space efficient.
  4. So I cheat... I opened this slightly further into tracks that didn't make Appetite/Lies Side 1: Right Next Door To hell Dust N Bones Don't Cry [Alt Version] You Could Be Mine Side 2: Civil War November Rain Perfect Crime Side 3: Locomotive Shadow Of Your Love Estranged Side 4: Move To The City [Acoustic] Dead Horse Coma
  5. Old Axl sound: Well this isn't realistic, no singer sounds the same as the 80s and early 90s, yes we could have more rasp but there are other ways for Axl to sound better New Album: I'm all for new music, I personally think this, a new setlist and the vault being unleashed are really all a single option since with a new album comes a new set, and things from the Vault will likely be released in this form AFD Line Up: I'm fine with the current line up, although Frank isn't always the best, this isn't high on my list New Setlist: We got coma, dead horse, locomotive, among oth
  6. As mentioned in the vinyl thread I went on a shopping spree, listened tot he following yesterday or Today, I believe this was the order Queensryche - Queensryche EP Kiss - Destroyer Kiss - Kiss Kiss - Dressed To Kill Kiss - Hotter Than Hell Thin Lizzy - Jailbreak King Crimson - In The Court Of The Crimson King Fates Warning - The Spectre Within King Crimson - Red Bruce Dickinson - The Chemical Wedding
  7. That is a real shame, we have one across town, but I've had spotty luck so I decided to give it a go today, it appears that the quality of the store has greatly increased since I was last there about 2 years ago, I normally do a day trip into Vancouver and hit stores there but today was a pleasent surprise a fair number of the ones of the list were from there.
  8. I've been hunting for Empire and The Warning for a while. I do have The Verdict, Rage For Order and my personal favourite of Operation: Mindcrime which now that I think of it is in need of a spin in the near future.
  9. It is an excellent video, and your responses to comments are also top notch! This week has been a very exciting one for Vinyl shopping I splurged since I got accepted into my Masters Degree and it is spring break so celebratory Vinyl purchases were a must: Bruce Dickinson - The Chemical Wedding Fates Warning - The Spectre Within [Coloured] Fates Warning - Awaken The Guardian Evanescence - The Bitter Truth [Pre-Order] King Crimson - In the Court Of The Crimson King King Crimson - Red Kiss - Kiss [Box Set] Kiss - Hotter Than Hell [Box
  10. First and foremost I greatly appreciate your mention of Klaus, he doesn't get the praise he deserves in his performances. I think Klaus' longevity is partially him taking care of his voice and the other part that Scorpions have built in breaks into their setlist, on their latest tour Klaus only has to sing about 3 songs before he gets a break, but by doing so he is able to give an entertaining performance and a strong vocal on basically all songs. They have built in a guitar solo, an instrumental and a drum solo into their shows plus the encore break, giving about 15 non-instrumental songs whi
  11. Over the past few days. Jefferson Airplane - Surrealistic Pillow Cream - Fresh Cream Cream - Disreali Gears Cream - Goodbye Symphony X - Iconoclast Rush - Fly By Night Rush - 2112 Rush - A Farewell To King Rush - Hemispheres
  12. I have listened to a lot more than these two since my last update but here are the two from this weekend: Symphony X - The Divine WIngs Of Tragedy Helloween - Pink Bubbles Go Ape
  13. The Divine Wings Of Tragedy [Album] - Symphony X
  14. Rocket Queen Coma Prostitute Street Of Dreams One In A Million These would probably be my favourite Axl vocals
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