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  1. I guess I have another box set to add to the list to purchase.
  2. Probably was thinking the concert was going on too long xD
  3. It should have been on Appetite instead of Anything Goes. It is an amazing song
  4. Strangers In The Night: Show 4 - Live In Cleveland - UFO
  5. Judas Priest - British Steel (40th Anniversary Vinyl)
  6. Budgie - Never Turn Your Back On A Friend
  7. I managed to find some Record Store Day Exclusives through an online store for a record shop across the country, added in a couple other records to make the package. The haul arrived today: Black Sabbath - Heaven and Hell (Record Store Day, Picture Disk) Black Sabbath - The Mob Rules (Record Store Day, Picture Disk) Judas Priest - British Steel (40th anniversary, Picture Disk) Dream Theater - When Dream And Day Unite.
  8. According to Setlist FM they are on their third song. Not sure if thats true or not.
  9. May I inquire as to what your tracklisting is for this homemade Chinese Democracy?
  10. Another excellent video Russ! I forgot in my comment to include Black Sabbath's Nightwing from their Headless Cross album (My 2nd favourite Sabbath record)
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