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  1. Found a copy of GNR Lies on vinyl, will be picking it up tomorrow. Also got a copy of Exit Stage Left but thats not nearly as exciting.
  2. Second track is good, the first track isn't really my cup of tea but it could grow on me who knows.
  3. Another new track from their new album, this one was written during quarentine and added to the album since they have postponed its release. I think the verse is pretty great while the chorus has too much backing vocals overall. Lyrically a very fitting track to add during this time.
  4. Last night I spun: Houses Of The Holy - Led Zeppelin and Rising - Rainbow Two brilliant records and oh so magnificent, both bands masterpiece's in my opinion.
  5. I want to say before I make my comment that I appreiciate your sarcasm oh so much. I feel like a live album from Metallica is far different from a long awaited reunion album from a band like Guns N Roses. I do think GNR should release a new album and frankly the longer they wait the worse it will be for them, but they do need to make sure they can capitalize on the release properly. It would be like if Zeppelin announced a new album with Jason, or some other massive reunion from a long awaited band. Yes I feel like the band has really missed the best oppertunity but they should wai
  6. Headless Cross - Black Sabbath Absolutely amazing album so glad I picked it up.
  7. Alice Cooper cancelled his shows so thats 1 more refund to acquire.
  8. Not to mention wrote and recorded another solo album which he shelved and because he believes songs have a shelf life he won't release it. (Wrote 2 more during quarantine). In addition to 2 albums with The Mayfield Four in 1999 and 2002 which aren't half bad albums either! He is quite the workhorse.
  9. He confirmed it on Download TV. He said he has two albums basically written but hadn't decided which one he would be putting out. I for one quite enjoy SMKC but Myles solo show that I saw was frankly just a little bit better than that SMKC show I saw so I'm okay if it means another Myles solo tour.
  10. If I wasn't in full time school at the time I would have probably seen them several times as I could have visited my family in Sasketchawan then done the road trip back catching the shows. Maiden is one of probably 5 bands that I would see more than once on a single tour leg. Such amazing shows and as you said they won't be around forever, and with me getting into them late in their career I need to see them now.
  11. Yea I personally feel they only kept the shows there were truely locked into with their tour contract from 2020. As stated they basically have a new album done if not completely done. I wouldn't be surprised if they released the new album right at the end of the 2021 Legacy Of The Beast Tour, then in September beginning a NA run of shows for the new album. They said no shows till June so maybe they will record more songs for album 17 and make it another double. I also suspect a LOTB live album at some point.
  12. Sounds like a great show, I regret not going to see them on The Book of Souls Tour, I hadn't gotten into Maiden then and my mom asked if I wanted to go... wow was I a fool to say no.
  13. They were on fire in Vancouver, it was the first time I had seen them, the next day I bought tickets to see them in Tacoma for the following day. Easily my top 2 concerts I've ever seen.
  14. The Song Remains The Same - Heart (Led Zeppelin Cover)
  15. Been on a Dream Theater kick so naturally I have picked up a few of their albums, since COVID really hit the pacific northwest I've acquired: Metropolis Part 2: Scenes From A Memory - Dream Theater A Change Of Seasons - Dream Theater Octavarium - Dream Theater Distance Over Time - Dream Theater Golgotha - W.A.S.P. Live At Royal Albert Hall - Alter Bridge Score - Dream Theater Year Of The Tiger - Myles Kennedy W.A.S.P. - W.A.S.P. A Dramatic Turn Of Events - Dream Theater [Hasn't been shipped yet] Plus a ton fo CDs, these put my rec
  16. My Year was supposed to be: Alter Bridge [Had to sell tickets due to being stupidly busy and the show was 3+ hours away and I would be evaluated the next day for school] Sebastian Bach [Postponed till November, I think it will be postponed Again] Alice Cooper [Same as Bach] The Rolling Stones [Postponed till 2021] Journey [Cancelled] Ozzy [Cancelled] GNR [Postponed till 2021] Motley Crue and Def Leppard [Postponed till 2021] Roger Waters [Postponed Till 2021] I also was planning on buying myself Scorpions tickets in Vegas for a celebrat
  17. Scorpions didn't cancel, it has been postponed to an undetermined date. But yes the Def Lep, Motley Crue and Poison tour would be a great show.
  18. Live At Royal Albert Hall - Alter Bridge
  19. I believe this is okay because it comes from Rogers official page.
  20. Let It Bleed - The Rolling Stones Dominator - W.A.S.P.
  21. 4pm Pacific they are streaming a portion of Salt Lake City from 2019.
  22. Alter Bridge, Halestorm, Scorpions, W.A.S.P., Dream Theater, Judas Priest and Iron Maiden are my current go to bands, but GNR, Rainbow, Whitesnake, Avantasia, Black Sabbath and a few others are in the general rotation which come up frequently. I just try to keep a bit of everything at all times but lately Dream Theater has been the most frequent.
  23. Over the past week or two: A Dramatic Turn Of Events - Dream Theater Dream Theater - Dream Theater Distance Over Time - Dream Theater Psychotic Symphony - Sons Of Apollo Golgotha - W.A.S.P. Golgotha and Distance over time was the second time through for each, the other 3 was a first time through for each. Didn't bother with The Astonishing yet...
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