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  1. Didn't Axl say something about Matt Sorum's drums kinda ruining the UYI albums, in the chats? Or Am I confusing anything.
  2. I love the 2000 version of Silkworms, but I like the acappela better on the 06 version cause it's equal to the Rock in Rio version. The rest of the 06 version is pretty weak and repetitive though. So ideally I think we still didn't get the best version of Silkworms, I think that should be around 2001 or 2002 version (The Rock in Rio version). On the 2000 version the main guitars on the chorus are gone and there is no (what can I do... with a bitch like you), unless that chorus only existed on the live version, kinda like what he does with Double Talkin' Jive (the home fuck part).
  3. Crash Diet, Just Another Sunday and another song. I'm guessing
  4. I thought Tommy demo sounded like the intro song of Californication (the show).
  5. They either pull off a lazy effort, with just the remastered illusion albums, 1 cd of demos, unreleased and released, making the fuckin videos and some rings and gimmicks. Or they pull out all the stops and give us like 3 cds of unreleased, alternate mixes and demos, the cd remasters, some live shows or live tracks, documentary from that time, Blu ray of the remaster, making the fuckin videos (which honestly I would pass), and maybe a physical tape or two. I'm inclined to think that this boxset will be more appealing than the Appetite box, because now they will have better feedback f
  6. You'll probably get the trinkets...Rings posters, pics, key chains and what not, but it will have the good stuff too. I'm confident that this will be cool! I think we'll get some demos and all the good stuff we want.
  7. I thought about some names for the boxset: - "Wall of Illusions" - "Garden of Illusions" - "A Box of Illusions" - "The Illusions Incident" - "Loaded Illusions" - "Dead!" - "The end of an era" box - "Look at your Illusions" - "Failure to communicate" I'm sure they will come up with better ones though. Mine sound more like bootleg titles lol
  8. Thanks for clarifying with further proof! It seems that they didn't care much about it, because they didn't believe Axl would do something with it in the future without them being in the band, but then Axl found these new guys and started promoting a possible new album (CD) and before that "Oh My God", and suddenly they were like... "Oh Fuck! He's really gonna do it!"
  9. There's gotta be other demos with other versions of Oh My God and Silkworms... Those songs didn't have just two demos each.
  10. I don't wanna say who's right or wrong, and Slash and Duff were definitely on some heavy drink and drug use, but who's to say that there wasn't a previous agreement signed during the tour, and then another one confirming the previous one when the tour had already ended. Sometimes things like that happen. Doesn't mean it's the case here of course.
  11. Although it would be logic to include one live show on that boxset, I have no desire or curiosity in any live shows. We got so many of that era, and they're all basically the same. They're all over the internet, when I wanna watch them. Usually I only watch Paris 92 or Chicago 92, or RIO and I'm good. I would like to hear all of the demos, the different mixes, the unreleased songs, a book documenting the whole thing. Including some of the recording tapes would also be very cool, but don't cut on the cds to offer that. Forget all of the rings, pins and shit like that, nobody uses that and
  12. So the book was cancelled? Or did I misunderstood something.
  13. With Axl in charge, if you were gonna make a cd compilation of the UYI albums, you would get the Live and let dies, the November rains, the Don't crys, the estrangeds and you still wouldn't be satisfied, because most of the rockers would be out...
  14. Make it about content! Forget the pins, the stickers, the shirts and all that bullshit. Here's what I would like to see in it: - The raw demos that Slash has been talking about for years without Axl's piano parts. - All the unreleased songs (that's an obvious one I guess). - Any alternate mixes from the songs. - Don't leave out You Could Be Mine! - Maybe include some of Slash's demos from 1995 (back and forth again, new stuff) - Remaster both albums.
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