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  1. St. Judes does a fairly good job of that already. Every dime they make goes to heroin and hookers
  2. Not gonna happen, California is too busy being quarantined at the moment And even if they weren't, Axl wouldn't be down for it
  3. Idk if you got on the server since it got destroyed, but we recently got it back up and running. A lot of the toxic types you were talking about are no longer present in the server, and we have gotten ourselves our own little fun community. Sure we talk about fat Axl memes and the band, but that's kind of a given with GNR fandoms, is it not? Regardless of your opinions, you are always welcome back any time you want. Links are publicly available online elsewhere
  4. My super secret sources have sent me this picture from the Miami International Airport... https://imgur.com/a/nUODNPR
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