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  1. Great concept and great execution, any idea how many?
  2. Hello, I am also looking for a Fargo for purchase or trade if anyone has an extra?
  3. Does anyone know if they are enforcing a one litho per person at the shows, they had a merchandise truck at the la show and there are sellers on eBay with many multiples of the litho to sell, so I find the enforcement hard to believe.
  4. I agree, these posters have taken on a life of their own, they are works of art and the creators should be fairly compensated, looks very bad for business and word of mouth gets around.
  5. A shame, you do nice work, they should take care of the artists, all about the money I guess.
  6. Yes, I agree the work is very nice, must be stressful to think of concepts for each venue though.
  7. Just curious if you are doing the Colorado poster, hoping for a shining theme.
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