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  1. Like to throw something out here for an opinion from the community, what does everybody think about lithos with no number.  I know they exist as I have been to hatch show print in Nashville and was shown two unnumbered ones from the Nashville gnr show in 2016.  I ended up getting a numbered one later but offered to buy one of the unnumbered ones and was told that they are not for sale.  I know some are unnumbered such as the New Jersey One and the Boston two.  The question would be, do they print more of these than the initial run and do they have any value? 


    Looking for an opinion from the experts here.



  2. In response to dacatzass:


    first:  I never said I had deep pockets I said I had disposable income.


    second:  how do you know that I didn’t purchase that slane?


    third:  your opinion on the Cincinnati I could buy One right now for 500 but I will wait as I would rather trade.


    fourth:  I am not in this forum to try to rip anybody off, I am a fan and a collector, I am not trying to hurt anybody’s pockets here.  I have been silent on this forum for a while and gave o boy recently joined, however, I have been watching the threads.  A lot of the members here, got these lithos by trading and buying on here, now, since I want the 4 London 1, Paris, Cincinnati, and kobe, some expect me to pay 5 grand?  Not going to happen, 


    wgen the moscow litho popped up on eBay, I bought one and posted a link here to help the collectors, obviously, you would try to buy them all up and sell me one for 1000, not cool,


    perhaps you sell sell used cars for a living because you sure act like used car salesman?

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  3. I agree, I too paid some high prices on eBay to get the prints I wanted, once the tour ends, some  of the rarer lithos will hit the market and the prices will come down, people are always looking for extra cash, personally, I have the disposable income to pay two grand for a kobe if I wanted to, however, I believe I should be taken advantage of if I was dumb enough to pay that amount.

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