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  1. Just wanted to put this up as an open post on this forum, some of the members here have criticized me as trying to take advantage of members here and obtain art for nothing, I would like everybody here to consider this, it is true that I am looking for the London 1, Paris, kobe and Cincinnati on here, I have been on communication with some members here and have been put down because I wouldn’t give them what they feel is fair, I would like everyone to consider, how do you. Or know that I didn’t get the slane litho from that seller or another seller and paid premium dollars for it. As an Irish American this is my favorite piece, I have seen the Cincinnati, two as a matter of fact go for less than 100 bucks on eBay, sane seller bought them, is that seller a member here?  Now the sellers want me to pay around 5 grand for these lithos?  I am in this for the art, I love the designs and I found one on here recently and messaged a member and bought it for what I consider premium dollars.  I read the old posts and I see some of these members complaining about people buying and selling on eBay, some of these members got these at cost and now want to gouge here, while I could pay 5 grand for these 4 lithos I won’t as guns and Roses could release copies tomorrow and the value could plummet.  Remember people, these cost 50 bucks a piece originally, so don’t put me down as I am in it for the love of the art.  If anybody wants to sell someday for price we could both agree, please feel to message me, but son’t Forget where you cane from, I hope everybody has a great day.

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