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  1. Axl stopped a show in Gdańsk, Poland in 2017, in the beginning of it, and ask kindly ppl to make a step back. The video is still on yt.
  2. I'm sure that was a long gap and Duff wrote about first meeting with Axl. at Prince death - there is an interview -video in which Duff said about it. I don't rememeber any hursh words from Axl about Duff in silence years
  3. We really don't know what their relationship looks like. I remember Duff reminiscing about Prince passing away and Duff hearing from Axl's msg text. We know nothing
  4. I have no bipolar issues, I'm only an introvert and I'm exactly this way as you described Axl.
  5. No, I didn't. Let me tell you a true story of one guy stealing a friend's project (IT industry) and showing it as his. No one believed the first guy and then he was fired from his job. And this is what happens when someone takes / steals things that are not theirs. It does not matter to me whether it is a project in the company or music. it doesn't matter to me whether leaks are only in someone's computer and you don't publish them any longer. leaks are property of the band and should never be made public.
  6. perfect words. Leaks should never fall into the hands of fans. It's just a scam to me- I think it is very unfair to the band (despite the many mistakes they made). I do not understand what some fans expect - the second Afd will not happen again, YUI are too gentle for some, SI- covers, CHD- suck: So what the f*** people expect??
  7. Of course. people with ginger hair usually have a very pale and sensitive skin. I have blonde hair and very light skin, which shock people and pisses me off when I hear comments: go sunbathing! it's nobody's business what color my skin is. ps. in general, Axl has a very nice complexion.
  8. YES! Axl said last time about Absurd: "Even if you don't like the song, we're gonna play it anyway", or "see it isn't a spoon full of sugar"
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