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  1. None of this. Rework shows to let Axl have a better capabilty. Shorter setlist, easier songs, less tour dates.
  2. Just read Robert John's material list, apparently there was a Rehersal in september 1989, he claim to record it.
  3. Same for me, would love to see or hear some early live version in a decent quality, maybe when Marc decides to open his vault.
  4. Yeahh I understand, he always makes the same "Open Answers". But at least he took the time to write to me Lol
  5. At least he answered my 3 questions: Question: Is there any update about GNR online community copyright takedowns? Fernando: I have advised the different legal departments that works for us and the take downs were legal even though it was not made by any of our teams. Question: Is there any plan of releasing AFD or UYI Pro shots? Guns N' Roses owns their content from those era's? Fernando: As of now, no, but yes we do own the footage. Question: Any chance to release some official documental or some kind of series? Fernando: When the time comes. Right now our main
  6. I think Since I don't have you was a bigger hit than SOYL, has over 70M on youtube and is played in radios all around the world. But yeah Ain't it fun and Sympathy for the devil never were close to be classified as "hits". Nightrain, Mr brownstone, Dead horse.. there are a lot of songs they could really call "hits" instead of this ones...
  7. Lol, they didn't perform Shadow of your love for more than 30 years and now they released it, is part of the "Greatest Hits".
  8. Why he wouldn't release it? LA Guns copyright and takedowns? Because the quality is too bad? (as I think he said). This snippets sound almost like a Sounboard to me.
  9. Performing Back off Bitch after 29 years would be crazy. Very unlikely, but I would love it!
  10. It has no "Strict" order but personaly I would like something like this: Perfect Crime / Right Next door to hell Pretty tied up / Double talkin jive Chinese Democracy Better / Mr Browstone Estranged / Coma It so easy Welcome to the Jungle November Rain Used to love her / Yesterdays Patience Don't Cry / This I love You could be mine Nightrain KOHD Sweet Child O Mine Hardschool Rocket Queen / Locomotive Dead Horse / You're crazy Paradise City ENCORE: Civil war Reckless Life / Shadow Live and let Die Less covers, some song rotation and differ
  11. Steven's intro to the song is similar to the final version on the Record. I gues Matt just made a few changes, but the drums on the track were already done by Steven. Like they said this song was done in the AFD Era.
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