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  1. English is not my native tongue. So, what does "Hard School" means? It is like a hard lesson to learn or something like that?
  2. Don´t know how to post the video, it has no link available. I downloaded an app but it doesn´t work.
  3. Just watched another video of a rehearsal, is 3 minutes long and I heard Duff sing "Too Hard School"
  4. Everyone talking about Absurd but no one asking who’s the mac daddy
  5. Meh, it can grow on me just because it´s GNR.
  6. Thank you Chris Pitman for this masterpiece.
  7. I followed them thanks to a livestream. Stopped watching after Dead Horse, it was cringy. Got back and KOHD was being played, so I left again to come back 20 minutes later and KOHD was still going. Left.
  8. Meegan answered "maybe" when asked about new songs on tour. In Meegan We Trust---?
  9. Following Meegan on Instagram again. She´s the unofficial PR agent of the band.
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