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  1. lol. it really exist. Thought it was a joke !!! but the link goes to Ozzy Osbourne !!
  2. yes but he came eventualy share that with Slash and Duff. It's not his own album like CD was
  3. come on !!!! garbage this one ??? not the best but good to have that in yous ears by this time
  4. U, you are the tipe of guy who used to said Slash will never play with Axl....I mean Not In This Life Time of course !!! hardschool baby !!!!!
  5. Happy Fn birthday @richardfortus!!https://twitter.com/gunsnroses?ref_src=twsrc%5Etfw%7Ctwcamp%5Etweetembed%7Ctwterm%5E1327659608903733249%7Ctwgr%5E&ref_url=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.rtbf.be%2Fclassic21%2Farticle%2Fdetail_guns-n-roses-partage-paradise-city-avec-dave-grohl%3Fid%3D10633590 https://www.instagram.com/p/CHs6BCBnzD-/
  6. you right. (I don't know how to said in English) but he play like improvisation. But it's not so bad. And beleive me , if GNR will really put new musics out he will work and work again (u can't blain on him for that) on it. He is not lasy guy and he know what GNR is for the plantet.......or for the fans !!! personaly, if he do shit on the new album (yes I'm on the with side !!! who beleive on a double album) I will be the firt to not fowing him....it's mean not give him one euros one his futures progects. But he is to smart and to talented....so !! time is ours problems !!!
  7. and this moment that not one of us could imagine 1/4 of second in 2008 (CD). AMAZING
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