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  1. I see fire on this topic so I was so exiting that something really happen and it's just guys who have a "discussion" about nothing to do with a new album..............so why not speaking in MP ????? go away
  2. Axl will always surprise me in the good way...........and in the bad !!!
  3. could be a very classic GNR re-work by Slash/Duff IMO
  4. I just re-read what a journalist said about Chinese Democracy and he said "Axl wanted to launch the best album of all the time". Is that not the probleme with him ? he his never satisfy. re-wor and re-work infinity
  5. in fact Instagram of this band is only to said Happy Birthday to all the planet (with a hihihihi for Slash). But we Fucking don't care IMO. pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeease speak about music....because....you are a music's band !!!! and the most Dangerous of course !!! hihihhihiihi. I'm so F.... scare
  6. Happy Birthday to the best Bassist but also writer, composer and a lot more
  7. fisrt time i see somebody who don't know thi band !!! u like "It's so easy" ? It's Duff who wrote it. u like nighttrain ? it's Duff fot the music . He his on almost all the music of Appetite. But maybe appetite is not as good as CD !!!! looool. (I like" so fine" by the way")
  8. really not bad at all !!! so funny they make more music than GNR this period !!!!
  9. I know a lot of people tease me but this riff was playing by Slash third time......and I like it !!! could be a good song.
  10. I'm Mental. Is there even One personne in this planette who guess that they gonna be touring years and years with the name NITL ?
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