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  1. oh really? ok... how to tune pianos? I think GnR might be the only ones to play half down tuned... maybe...
  2. Thanks for all reply guys. I was also wondering if GNR piano's are all downtuned? or in what key they play in
  3. Yeah. Was looking just for Dizzy parts but still all great links..
  4. Thanks for the links everyone and tips. I'll check it out.
  5. Yeah I know but he does play like the songs i mentioned.. Pretty Tied Up, So Fine, Yesterdays, Don't Cry and Knocking on Heavens Door... only piano.. so i was wondering if anyone has like a score sheet.. hes a great piano player
  6. Hey guys... wanted to ask something about Dizzy.. I was wondering if anyone know what Dizzy plays on songs like Pretty Tied Up, So Fine, Yesterdays, Don't Cry and Knocking on Heavens Door. Or maybe even all the other songs like how he plays live with GNR... does anyone know maybe how he plays them or anyone have any scores? please let me know... cos Im interested in how Dizzy Reed else plays like Its so easy, welcome to the jungle or other songs that he plays live... was interested in just how he plays them..
  7. No. If you don't like it then don't just watch it... bruh you probably wanted this.. and you're still complaining.. just like what you got...
  8. I think honestly Axl sounded good in terms of using clean voice everyone. He was just trying to sing well... I could hear when he was trying to rasp at some point but it didnt work out well. Be thankful for what you got people... don't be just disappointed... you guys got what you want. I really want to hear Shadow Of Your love and The Seeker next.
  9. I thought it was good too. Axl's pitch sounded very balanced and he was hitting the right notes perfectly...His mixed sounded good also the others... Axl actually sounded good in terms of using clean voice.
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