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  1. 16 hours ago, Georgina Arriaga said:


    Just in case that anyone cares, that picture was definitely taken at the concert in Hannover last year. I was there. They wore exactly what they're wearing in the pic & Angus was there. Also, the concert had to be paused for like two hours because of heavy rain, so I suppose they had nothing better to do than sit around and wait. 


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  2. 7 hours ago, Fang said:

    True...I'm saying both types of society can contain good people and fucked up people. It's not about whether you are primative or not, it it about if you have a ruthless asshole personality or not. You have societies all over the spectrum of development which have varying levels of both. Some cultures do support that sort of thing more than others.

    I don't merely see Jack as ruthless, I see him as short-sighted. He put immediate gain above the long term, as well as being a ruthless prick. Funny he waa a singer. He's giving my kind and Axl's a bad name LOL.

    ...ok, ok sometimes we are responsible for our own bad name but I digress...

    I second that. I've read a few reviews that said this book was to show how dark human nature truly is and I couldn't agree with that at all. The book shows that there are some fucked up individual human beings (Jack) and also that otherwise kind humans are easily misguided (Jack's tribe). Now that I think about it, I can really see parallels between Jack and Hitler. They both did that, wait for the right moment, when people were at a very weak, desperate point and then use that to gain power over them. 

    Can you follow me or am I overinterpreting here? 

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  3. I'm too lazy to quote the two of you so I'll just give my opinion based on what you've said. 

    I do think that differences between males and females are mainly created by society. Of course there are some biological differnces in our hormones and instincts, I'm not denying that, I just don't think they are all that big.

    I don't understand the big hassle about gender, why people feel the need to identify as trans or nonbinary. 

    Do I identify as a girl? I don't think about it, to me being a girl just means having a vagina and a pair of boobs. If someone just magically turned me into a boy, I'd say, so be it, I'm a boy now. I wouldn't care. My gender doesn't define me as a person.

    The thing is, I don't need to understand others to support their decisions. Does is hurt anybody to respect a trans girl and refer to her as a she? No, it doesn't. Same goes for all the other genders that people identify as. It's none of my buisness and as long as it doesn't harm anyone, I don't feel the need to argue about it being a mental health issue either. 

    I'm not entirely sure if anyone is really born gay or straight. Love is just a chemical reaction and it can happen to anyone regardless of gender - everyone is bisexual. Bisexuality needs to be seen as a spectrum here though, so on the one end you've got attraction for the opposite gender and on the other end you've got attraction to your own gender. Most people are on either end of the spectrum, some are in the middle, but anything is possible.

    However, I hate how we need to slap a label onto everything. We're just who we are and that's it. 

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  4. I finished LotF just earlier today. 

    Oh my goooood can we just stop with all the remakes? I do think that it's important for little girls to have fictional characters to look up to, but then why not create new strong leads rather than ripping off existing male characters? Jeez.

    Would it be different if there had been girls? I don't know honestly. I'm not sure if the book was realistic as it is.



    I don't think that after a life spent in civilisation, you'd just throw all your morals overboard when you strand on an island. However, Jack seemed to have issues right from the start so I guess his environment just helped him grow into a full blown psycho, same goes for Roger. And the other kids just followed right after, as kids do. Besides, I suppose during that time it was a lot more common for boys to play war than it is nowadays, and because of the ongoing war, they were also a lot more exposed to all of that.

    And that's why I think things escalated the way they did - not because "humans are horrible". Hadn't there been Jack or Roger or both, things may have played out differently.

    In conclusion, it depends entirely on what kind of girls are stranded. I don't think girls and boys are much different from each other at all, it's just society that pushes us into different directions early on. And then of course, puberty and hormones, but most of the kids were littluns, younger than 10 years, so that wouldn't have mattered. 




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  5. So, back to the books! :)


    How's it going with the reading, everyone? How do you like Lord of the Flies so far?

    I'm about halfway through and so far, it's been okay but not that captivating. I am very excited for the action to start though - I have a vague idea of what happens in the end and I've heard various people express strong opinions about it :lol:

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  6. 7 hours ago, killuridols said:

    Yeah..... I read the plot a little bit..... still doesn't attract me that much for the time being.


    Well, that's how a book club works. Sometimes, books are chosen that you're not interested in. Just don't read it :shrugs:

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  7. Lord of the Flies III

    Thr Handmaid's Tale II

    The Metamorphosis I

    Keith Richards - Life I

    (I didn't include @Fang's vote for now)


    My vote goes to The Metamorphosis. So very kafkaesque. And yes @Oldest Goat it is a very short read, not short enough to be called a short story, but it can definitely be read in a day. The one I have at home has 77 pages.

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  8. 25 minutes ago, Andy14 said:

    Sorry, I've been quite busy today.

    Anyway, it's The Metamorphosis by Franz Kafka

    1. One of the greatest short stories. A man awakes in the body of an insect. An irrational event. Yet the book manages to describe the disconnection between mind and body. Absurdity. Humour. Probably the most famous Kafka’s work.
    2. Kafka’s closely associated with Prague, he was born and lived there and although he wrote in German he’s one of the few people my country is famous for.
    3. Kafkaesque.
    4. Haven’t read the book for some time so it’s a great opportunity for me to re-read it again. I didn’t want to choose books I know well and thus don’t have to read them. I've also spent the past years reading books by English-writers so I need a change. :ph34r:


    I read this in school last year and I absolutely loved it. Great choice.

    Btw I'd like to sign up, too.

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  9. 5 hours ago, Mararoyce said:

    Hi Ladies...I would love to find out where we are all from, the more I'm on here the more surprised, & delighted I am of the far reaching countries of the GnR forum women. ( OK, OK, @Oldest Goat you can play too)

    I'll start. I'm from 🇨🇦

    I'm from Hamburg, northern Germany.


    6 minutes ago, marlingrl03 said:

    You can see moose and bears in the city, whales....rarely!! Sometimes you can spot beluga whales in the inlet 30 minutes outside of the city. :) I never have though. Booo.

    Nope no igloo for me lol. This is a pic of downtown Anchorage, where I live. The biggest city with 300,000 people.


    That looks really pretty. I've been wanting to go to Alska since forever (Idk why as a child I just kind of decided it was a cool place - ha, "cool"), but flights are so expensive 

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