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  1. Biden didn't loose the debate. (he had little substance apart from "hey vote for me I'm not Trump") Trump didn't loose the debate. (he should learn to be quiet - sometimes this is best to gain votes) Chris "I’m having trouble myself" Wallace was a terrible moderator and often lacked neutrality... Biden interrupting/insulting remarks with little rebuff and was often bailed out thanx Wallace... next 2 debates (hopefully Biden doesn't back down) will be interesting
  2. True to both -candy & being inside next couple months - I like 90 pack of small Kitkat + CoffeeCrisp 🍫 etx... bring one as a snack with morning coffee lasts till Xmas 😋 back to COVID-19 => anyone remember last spring seems like with all handwashing and Purel I don’t remember catching a cold...whereas previous years... hopefully masks & hand hygene will ease cold-like symptoms🥴? And cause less « fake covid alerts »- got a couple co workers who had to stay home after schools asked for their young kids to be tested (they also got tested)... here takes ~ 2days to get res
  3. with every day-month-year losing faith an album will happen. the guys don't even seem to be hanging out much with one another like most of us -> they've apparently moved on (family, projects, relaxing) still was a wild ride back 1988-1994 with couple moments since hopefully it happens and we get something/anything soon
  4. those numbers are staggering... no one is wrong here but let's keep these stats under scrutiny until find out how much of these are truely "excess deaths" also argument can be made flipside is also important to consider => toll pandemy is causing by other means (suicides + job losses + businesses going under + isolation + kids not going to school + effects to different age groups ... and list goes on and on...) planet is sick with climate change (pollution deforestation & glaciers melting etx ; this causing havoc to ocean currents; this causing wild temperature swings -> hurri
  5. ?!? ...anarchists from Montreal were gonna riot... wtf peaceful Toronto dude only riots coming from here were back in ‘92...
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