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  1. Boston, 2002 Worcester, 2011 Foxborough, 2016, Boston, 2017 Boston, 2021 Missed out on Worcester 2006, hopefully they start doing arena shows again!
  2. Hopefully they take it easy on us. Feeling overwhelmed by this tour. Will be fun.
  3. New album coming. What should the title be? Something more aggressive than uyi or cd?
  4. Hopefully they play Bad Obsession and/or Since I Don't Have You.
  5. Axl should just take it easy. No Kamikaze. Like he said on That Metal Show-give the people a strong show, then get on the bus. We care about him, let's not ask him to go Kamikaze.
  6. Lifetime fan, late 80s early 90s. Found mygnr.com in 1999 looking for Oh My God End of Days trailer (new profile on this site now, however.) Been on the bandwagon for decades!
  7. Heard this story. Believe he was stuck in NYC traffic, so ran down the streets to the venue? Definitely remember the part about Kid Rock!
  8. Love Ultimate Warrior, from Indiana like Axl! Of course Axl tells of running late for the 2002 VMAs, so he ran down the street to Radio City Music Hall! That is a true rock star!
  9. yes. there is a television commercial advertising the Guns N' Roses Fenway Park show on August 3, saying to purchase tickets now. Looking forward!
  10. Friendship is good. GN'R is legendary. Provide so much entertainment. Plus, if Axl officially announced there would be no new album? . . . that would be the most assured signal that there WILL be a new album. GN'R is always fun.
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