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  1. Dizzy would be too busy concentrating on his vocals. Meanwhile Axl will be providing interpretive folk ballet accompaniment. Stinson would have to content himself with the hand towel waving.
  2. I still think Slash should play the drums n have ashba on guitar. Frank could then focus on the bongos.
  3. Post as much as you like I reckon. They don't have to read it!
  4. Why is Matt drumming like a dickhead during Slash's solo? Looks like his fighting off some seagulls who are trying to steal his chips! Also - That singing was truly appalling!
  5. I've always wanted to know if that material ("the best gnr record ever made") has ever been used with VR or other projects or if it's still unheard.
  6. Ridin' The Tiger - Gluecifer An absolute classic! One of my favourites of all time!
  7. Says the man commenting on someone else's political beliefs.....
  8. He was definitely joking. He was looking less bloated too.
  9. It's been years since I've heard something this bad! Wowee!
  10. But we're just about to start the next chapter!!!!
  11. At least they came back to right all the wrongs with the outstanding "Appetite for Democracy"
  12. They went to Poland and couldn't find it - so decided under those circumstances they had no option but to cancel!
  13. Well in their defence they did say it was time for "the next chapter".....
  14. But it was the start of "the next chapter"!!!! A "totally new show"!!!!!!
  15. I'm from Tassie as well! SCOM would be the only GnR song I've heard on the radio for a long time - not that I listen to the radio much.
  16. That's right up there with Willian Shatner's version of rocket man. Sounds a bit like 2019 Axl Rose covering 1992 Axl Rose! Oh wait......
  17. Who asked for your opinion? Its going to be a pretty dull forum if we have to sit around waiting for someone to ask our opinion! Can i have your opinion on this @RussTCB ??
  18. Yes!!! I've been saying this for ages and never heard anyone else mention it! Back in Nuguns he used to slaughter it - absolutely appalling. I thought it would improve with Slash back but nope - still shit. It's bewildering considering its such a simple song to play. One of those songs that's great for beginners.
  19. I'm super confused. Have people heard the full rehearsal of hardschool? A new intro keeps being spoken about and I don't understand where it is. I've only heard the snippet. I'm a simple man - can someone explain for me whats going on?
  20. So excited about this. This band - everytime I think I'm out they pull me back in!!!
  21. I thought Marty McFly invented rock music in 1955!?!
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