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  1. A decision based entirely on image - not talent.
  2. He's writing a book on the McDonalds franchises around the world.
  3. What was missing? Decent songwriting for a start.
  4. They'd prefer us to be listening to the trash they released the other day!
  5. I can't believe they actively get Saskatoon removed but allow this stuff to be released. There is nothing redeemable about any of these performances. If there is anyone alive that enjoys the current 15 minute KOHD I'm yet to meet them! It's all very disappointing.
  6. Saw the chili peppers a couple of years ago - they are down to sets of about 16 songs. 1.5 hours. Super energetic and fun set. Left everyone wanting more - but in a good way. I always thought longer was better but that concert really changed my mind. Quality over quantity.
  7. He just needs to stop dancing like a goon. Looks like my mum dancing.
  8. Fingers crossed its more tattoo stickers - my old ones are starting to fade!
  9. I like Tool. Enjoy their music. Maynard is a full-blown, pretentious wanker though.
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