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  1. The exclusion of YCBM in the AFD box pretty much only means that it wasn't recorded at Mystic or Sound City. As a counter point to the people who are saying that November Rain and Back Off were released there's the fact that Don't Cry was recorded at Sound City, yet it was omitted. I don't think YCBM being omitted from the AFD box has any real implication to whether or not it was recorded before or while AFD was recorded.
  2. First of all, any and all GNR songs no one has heard. Fuck off. The General is probably absolute trash. For the serious answer, Paradise City.
  3. Not only do they have feedback from the AFD box, but I think they'll have to make it more interesting since the UYI albums ultimately aren't as mainstream as AFD.
  4. I'd prefer to see something we've never seen or heard, Greensboro 1991 might be the ultimate pick. I've heard rumors about Locomotive being played in one of the shows in Dallas 1991 which wasn't bootlegged. Something to consider is that the recordings of some shows are so bad that I personally don't bother too much with them. The third and fourth shows in Inglewood 1991 fall into this category along with the Toronto show where Back Off Bitch was played.
  5. I think Richfield is the best performance of Coma, better than Tokyo, Chicago and Omaha despite them fucking up the ending. The atmosphere is nice, and Axl is singing it well with good amounts of rasp.
  6. In terms of live performances, given that I'm not interested in 1992 I think these would be reasonable picks: Any of the warm-up shows 1991. The live portions of the YCBM music video were filmed at these gigs, and as such they should exist in better quality than the majority of the rest of the UYI tour gigs. Denver 1991. As stated earlier, they opened with YCBM, and this gig have my favorite performance of YCBM and Civil War. Setlist is good, and all the songs that we have from the incomplete audience recording are strong performances. Inglewood 1991. I don't think this n
  7. Make it better, Corona virus 2020 playlist. Just empty.
  8. With a sweet 15FPS, vocals re-recorded by Duff, Slash noodling pasted on top of the whole thing and a McBob intro added for no good reason? Sign me up!
  9. Mostly 2016 stuff I guess. Both nights of Vegas 2016 are available as good quality IEM+AUD matrixes, probably your best bet. I like Apollo and San Diego 2017 somewhat as well.
  10. They don't even have to release it for free... Release some stuff for free directly to YT to see if there's an interest, and if there seems to be big enough of an interest fucking release concerts.
  11. Not sure about video quality, but audio quality is pretty good for an audience recording IMO.
  12. I think the performance of Rosie from Hammersmith Odeon 1987 was Guns' best one. Late 1987 Axl could have sounded very, very good for a lot of AC/DC stuff. The same goes for summer of 1988 Axl, and 1991 Axl. Don't think he could have replaced Brian; would've fucked his throat even faster and worse than he already did.
  13. Good idea, but there's really no point in keeping it in MP3 - converting an album from FLAC to MP3 takes something like 1-2 minutes.
  14. There's an acoustic instrumental of DTJ in the Rarities box set. Do you know what's up with that, is it a fake/cover or something known?
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