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  1. wow. I remember this. can't believe it was 7 years ago. and in this article Fortus is saying new music should be out in the next year......lol
  2. I'd ask about how he found out about Kurt Cobians suicide and what was going through his afterwards. why has so little music been released? do you want the AFD5 back on the same stage again? what's your real beef with Donald Trump? will you and Izzy ever write together again? some say GNRs legacy will be defined as missed opportunity. what do you think?
  3. Axl turns 60 in 2022. so next show will sound the same, end a little earlier and add 5 more Duff songs and a 45 minute rocket queen instrumental section in order to give Axl breaks to eat his applesauce while he yells at an episode of wheel of fortune as well as to allow time for his "pit crew" change out the orthotic pads in his leprechaun boots and add neat little skeleton tennis balls to his walker. no new music bc there's no way he can remember new lyrics. lol
  4. must be nice to be able to see this. I have no idea where to look. can't understand how this isn't sold by the band on DVD.....
  5. I can't stop laughing. especially at Duff in the background. omg. lol
  6. lol. I think he was trying to fill easy E's spot in NWA with that look. I believe he couldn't find a place to fit a tattoo of the skull of Chris Pittman on the AFD cross on the other arm, so he drew that one his left wrist. then they had a falling out so he covers that tat with a functioning watch. and now we know why he isn't late anymore
  7. regarding wasted talent, one put out albums and never toured. the other toured and didnt put out new albums. it kind of evens out.... both wasted something. makes me wonder which one hates the fans more.....
  8. I totally agree. the version I heard sounds like an electronic turd that would be better flushed away than to let sit around. maybe there's a better version out there that actually is good, but I haven't heard it
  9. I totally agree. it's just a song that some people may or may not sing along with. not saying it's the easiest job in the world, but let's be honest, where he's from he should either be delivering pizzas at Annie's (which he'd get fired for late deliveries) or be in jail. or maybe have a tough as shit labor job outdoors in the hot summer or cold ass winter, barely being able to make enough to buy a record after paying rent and child support and legal shit. so maybe he should take a step back and realize how lucky he is, not take this shit so seriously, bc his life could have been ve
  10. really well done! Great work! I think you could do an whole ice berg for Axls fashions over the years.... Ass less chaps, bike shorts, unbuttoned button down shirts, the 2016 little bo peep hairdo, and the 2019 elderly lesbian hair cut.
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