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  1. I didnt count how many times they interacted in the 3 NITL shows I went to, but I feel pretty confident that they interacted no more than 3 times in each 3 hour show. my question is, how does that compare to Axls interaction with the nu Guns guys during a show? I saw nu Guns in 2011 and I remember feeling like the band were all friends, but their singer was clearly the boss who wasnt even on the stage for 40 percent of the show. Cant say I saw Axl interact with DJ or Bumble at all at the show I was at, but I could be wrong and just dont remember.
  2. the cassette player they used to record everything broke. they expect a new cassette player as soon as they are available- looks like 4 to 6 months. everything is on backorder due to new quarantine hobbies. apparently cassette players are to musicians as what banana bread is to people trying to shut their kids up while on lockdown. for those who dont understand sarcasm, this is it. But at the same time I kind of feel like it could be true. lol
  3. Meegan just confirmed Slash is in the studio for SMKC. so either GNR album is done or will never come out. https://www.instagram.com/p/CHYroY1lnQ5/?hl=en
  4. great job. thought that was scott singing. this is one if those things that reminds me of the supergroup era 15 years ago- but now it will be famous guys kids instead of guys from famous bands getting together. I'll bet these guys can definitely earn their way to being a great group based off the first song. I thought it was really solid! but this definitely makes me feel old. I remember reading about Noah and Lindonnwhen they were born. geez times flies.
  5. dont they write alot of stuff and then send it to each other over email? I could have sworn I read that somewhere but maybe I'm wrong. but they could theoretically make an album without seeing eachother in person. not sure if that's a great approach to writing and recording, but I'm not a musician so what do I know.
  6. geez. glad I clicked on this. when I saw the headline I thought Brando actually interviewed a pinball machine! Next up, an interview with R2D2! will definitely check this episode out!
  7. you know what's sad? I've been a GNR fan since 93 and have had exactly ONE album of new music by "GNR" in the last 27 years. I dont demand a new album because I honestly dont expect one. I think my head would explode if Axl and Slash ever put out a new album. lol in all honestly I'd rather have a tour of the AFD5 over a new album. but I guess the chances of that are even less than a new album so I wont get my hopes up over that one either would be nice if they could just release something for the fans who "stuck with them through all the fucking shit" . But I dont have
  8. as long as Slash can actually nail the Ain't talkin about love into this time, I guess it would be ok.
  9. I can see why he would want a new album to help promote a stale tour. but it's not happening. sign an exclusive deal with Spotify and take what you can get. you have made enough money, but I guess half a billion dollars doesnt go as far as it used to. Obviously this is about b(r)and finances and not about returning the favor for all of those who remained GNR fans over the last few decades.
  10. is this serious? what happened, his mountain bike got a flat tire? geez they made it to Seattle back in 85 without a fully working car. now this multi millionaire cant figure out how to get to his second home? unless he has to quarantine due to covid, there is no way this is true
  11. so Pittmans towels come from a designer? I always assumed they were stolen from the previous nights motel lol. totally kidding.
  12. Sounds great! You have a great voice!
  13. good point I never thought if this. the first and only rerecorded song (well half a song) from the new AFD was at the end of the Big Daddy movie which was released in June of 99. Live Era came out at the end of 99, so I guess it's possible. I'll have to compare the vocals from the soundtrack and live era someday when I have time to see if they sound the same
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