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  1. there are more than you think considering the band does basically no promotion.
  2. which song did he mess up (well the whole band did) on a most recent show (ie before covid)? I think they messed up dead horse and or locomotive. would have been nice if they released those lol
  3. definitely true, but I assume they have rehearsal gear and then stage gear. but I make alot of unqualified assumptions, so you are probably correct.
  4. kind of feels early for a final day of rehearsals, no? they will probably fly out to hershey on Thursday (my guess is the big 3 stay in NYC from Thursday until Saturday). just seems like a lot of down time. idk.
  5. I'm doing the same thing. hershey lodge is a great hotel if you are looking for a room. water park is great as well.
  6. is it OK with the mods if I upload a video of my baby throwing a soiled diaper at me while I'm reading the book? lol
  7. great news for me. now my transition to lame dad is nearly complete. first my kids comolaining about the 30 year old dad rock (aka GNR music) in the car. now I get to do lame yoyo tricks at parties AND a towel to soak up my sweat while I eat hot wings! we need a GNR antacid and my life will be perfect. thank you GNR!!
  8. i just gladly bought the song in Amazon. will be blasting this in the car tomorrow during the work day and in the gym. keep us posted with any new stuff!
  9. let us know how we can support you. I mean, you could start a thread saying "two guys who met on this forum a few months ago have released more new music than GNR in the last 12 years". it would obviously just turn into another complaint thread, but will give more exposure for a few days than the current thread. idk how stuff works on this site.
  10. thanks bro. I'll pass this along to a few of my friends who also have the same superior taste in music like me!
  11. will this be available anywhere else? would love to add it to a playlist for the gym.
  12. the way GNR push their fans away is pathetic. I remember that they didn't even have a functioning band website for YEARS after the internet became a thing. @Gambit83 Brando I got a great idea we can use as a case study on how bands SHOULD treat their fans. start a podcast called "ride the Breitling" that's a podcast dedicated to Metallica and fancy watches (lol I couldn't think of anything that rhymes with lighting) I'd bet you could get James and Lars on there eventually and they'd probably send you a ton of merchandise and invite you to shows etc. in otherworlds I bet they w
  13. this is honestly one of the most disgusting things I've heard in a long time. I've listened to a lot of episodes of AFD and Brando comes off as nothing but a respectful, class act FAN doing a passionate project for a band he loves. I've never heard anything even remotely scandalous on his show that would make GNR look bad. For 20 plus years I dreamed of seeing Axl and slash on a stage together. and I was thrilled to see them 3 times on the NITL tour. But in the 4 years that I last saw them I've seen too much of this bullshit by management and honest this is the last straw for me.
  14. id love a UYI box set as long as there some unheard stuff there. injust read that GNR and NWA supposedly recorded a song called the "yellow road of compton" anyone know if that's true? as a fan of both bands, I'd like to hear it. I think.....
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