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  1. here's my suggestion to TB on what's next- knowing that they will do the opposite I'd like to see where this goes: next release is a 45 minute version of "it tastes good, don't it" with a cartoon video of skeleton Axl coming to life from each city's lithograph from the last 5 years and eating that city's food: for example: Chicago deep dish pizza, LA-corn dog, Philly- Cheese steak, Milwaukee- a wheel of cheese, Jersey- um, I guess Jersey girl chotch, etc. the follow up could be a 45 minute version of "Ain't going down" which is a video of Skelton Axl trying to unclog his toilet later that night while still making it on stage on time. Fernando- you are welcome! I'm here for more ideas if you need them!
  2. agreed. CALIFORNIA TAXES at that. plus there was that rumor of Duff helping Slash out financially in the beginning of NITL. not that we know if that's true or not.
  3. what should happen? 1. release a new album 2. tour on the albums for a year or two 3. pop up arena tour featuring the AFD Five playing the entire afd album, lies and a few illusions songs 4. next leg of the tour features Gilby and Matt making guest appearances promoting their contract with Netflix which has released the behind the scenes UYI tour vault videos for a limited time what will happen: 1. Hard Skool toy school bus 2. GNR launches a Wheel of Fortune online game. only letters the player can choose are "F" AND "N". 3. a pinball machine that costs 30 grand. there is a rubber fist that punches the player directly in the crotch at random times so he can accurately sing along to the NITL versions of our favorite hits. 4. Perla gets remarried and Slash is off the hook for alimony payments and then quits GNR
  4. GNR for me, but that's just because the songs are far better. I love SMKC too, big fan of the albums, but can't stand when Todd sings GNR songs. the two shows are a different experience, but if I can only go to one, it's GNR
  5. hey, how many of you have called the 800 number shown on the locker for the hardschool music video on YouTube? I can't make out the last 2 numbers. I did this with a phone number I saw on the side of a van on one of Schwarzeneggers movies and surprisingly it was a working number where arnold answered the phone (recording obviously) for a cleaning service. lol
  6. this would be my track list too. problem is that these songs would all fit on to one cassette back in the day. atleast I don't think they would.
  7. that could be. but I believe a public company would want to (or have to) disclose to its share holders all major releases coming up (ie profitable ventures to get more investors)... so I guess I'll buy a share of universal and then sit in on an investors call....... that's the most rock n roll way EVER to find out if a new album is coming. lol
  8. that is HYSTERICAL. Slash is probably the only guy in that whole stadium that can get away with making fun of Axl and not get fired. lol
  9. wait. Pittman isn't on it doing towel sound effects???? in that case I refuse to listen.
  10. everyone talking about Axls attire, idk. I think it's totally normal for a 59 year old guy in elf boots, ankle weights, cat t shirt, safari hat and a strippers robe is totally normal! I mean it's normal if he were some kind of safari tour guy for a wizard school or something. the eyeliner is where I draw the line...... lol
  11. worked for me on Spotify in the US. I also typed in Perhaps, Eye on You, Atlas shrugged and GNR didn't show up at all in the results. I don't have the balls to type "Just a friend" bc I'm so scared that Axl covered that and will release it as the next song..........lol
  12. No pants under the Chaps (not a word but a picture you can't ever forget) Eddie Trunk got promised the first band interview in 2016 Fuckhead He's in my Ass where's Izzy the mother Fuckers are done! I want to bury appetite Blame Canada!
  13. is Matt's book from last year circulating online? I wish I could find it
  14. yeah idk. might be cool to see it once. I'd be in favor of doing a dual vocals thing on Anastasia more than a GNR song. But if you were Axl would you honestly do this? best way for me to think of it is like having Magic Johnson play Kevin Durant today. an all time great past his prime against a guy on top of his game today. Axl would get blown off that stage (depending on the song....see Sweet Child, YCBM,etc).....
  15. yup. he participated at sound check at the Boston show a few weeks ago
  16. CD 2, and then the next "album" will be a few new tracks on the 50th anniversary of AFD
  17. you can't always get what you want, dedicated to GNR fans across the universe.
  18. do a stones song and include Izzy Stradlin when you play it
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