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  1. Seen parts of this in many other places but don't think I've seen it in it's entirety. As evidenced by the fact that even on YouTube only 97 people have watched it. 

    I'm curious who the "friend" was on the famous hitchhike when the guy told them "You know where you are ??!  You're in the jungle......!"


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  2. I wonder how much the outside writers made from these credits, e.g Chris Weber, West Arkeen. Obviously the albums sold millions and millions but I still wouldn't have imagined that much, but I remember reading an interview with Timo Kaltio where he said he went from being almost destitute to being able to buy a place in Highgate (a very posh area) in London literally overnight. 

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  3. On 01/02/2021 at 8:12 PM, MaskingApathy said:

    Honestly the only people there who have any kind of credibility are Vicky Hamilton, Tom zutaut, and Monica Gregory. Mick wall wasn't there for any of that stuff and Doug is a known liar.


    I think he was. Like he says in the film, Axl called him round his apartment in the middle of the night and they spoke for 5 hours. Wall conducted quite a few interviews in similar fashion with Axl around 89/90. He wrote The Most Dangerous Band in the World basically off the back of them. 

  4. Ok, I have never heard this before...
    Probably way too bizarre but has anyone EVER heard this rumour before? This seems to be a respectable site and the stories about Hendrix and Fogerty are accurate so I don't doubt their seriousness. I would hardly think Axl would have considered joining the army considering his attitude at that time but it would have been something to do after dropping out of school, and it would have appealed to his aggressive side. 

    I just wonder where they would have got the rumour from when in 30 years of being a massive GnR fan I have never heard an inkling of it. It must just be from the tattoo.. I found one guy writing a comment in a thread on another site where he simply states Axl did serve in the military, so perhaps among some people in the army it's common knowledge that Axl served :)



  5. I agree more with what Frontman says. Way too much is made of Axl being a "genius" and some kind of mythical figure compared to the other 4, mainly because of his reclusive nature, but you can tell listening to Appetite and the solo albums that it really was a "greater than the sum of its parts band" and exactly what each member brought to the mix. The songs on CD that are like Estranged etc are the better ones, the rockers, like CD itself, are rather bland, not a patch on, say, Mr B or My Michelle riff wise. Whatever his vision was it was a combination of all of their talents that made Appetite what it was, and I think people liked the fact that Guns didn't seem to have one "leader" that made them "real". Even Bon Jovi or Motley Crue who ostensibly have a "leader" would have got nowhere if they hadn't had a guitar player who could actually write some wicked songs and riffs. And if there was ever really a leader it was Izzy initially who had the ideas for the image, and all the rest of the band who told Axl to sing in the high, raspy voice.

    Having said which, to be fair Axl actually worked pretty fast musically on CD when you think about it, with reports of almost all the songs having near as damn it final versions being worked on in the late 90s. It was all the fucking around afterwards that postponed it for so long. I'm still curious why it too so long to get it out when there were reports back in what, 2002, that he was ready to release it, but that's for another thread.

  6. 2 hours ago, WWEROSES said:

    While I'm glad that we have the band back together (sorta) and I did enjoy the New GN'R era for what little we got out of it...when I sit and think about it, it is truly depressing that this band...whom had the entire rock world lit on fire in the from the late 80s to early 90s...just vanish without much word until years later...I remember a SNL skit with David Spade doing a news report...saying the lines "where is Axl Rose?" I believe it was around  95. Just thinking of all the wasted potential, all the good music that they all could of worked on together if Axl had not become so paranoid. One has to wonder what was happening to him physiologically during those years where he would become so secluded, doing everything on his own terms...even if he probably didn't know what those terms were til the exact moment. Even years later you have to wonder how true everything was thats been said about him. Have the ex band members/current embellish a little bit and their judgement and recollections of the events clouded by all the drugs/booze they were downing? who knows... Thankfully we have what we have now...lets just hope this isn't it once they decide to wrap the tour up...lets hope new music is on the horizon and not just them sailing off into the sunset.

    Similarly I remember the Christmas special of Raw magazine in '91, making comedy predictions for the coming year, and they wrote, "July - Axl sacks the entire band of Guns n' Roses, and continues by himself as "n' Rose"  I just thought it was hilarious at the time and never gave a second's consideration to its credibility.

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  7. 1 hour ago, soon said:

    Im surprised people arent mentioning Izzy and Duff. I find them hard to understand. I thought for years that in So Fine Duff sang "Stone me" instead of "Story of a man..."

    Yeah I always wondered how that was allowed to remain on the album. It's the most slurred line in a song I have ever heard. But he was perma-drunk at that time so perhaps it was the best he could manage.

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  8. Interesting read. I'm sure I've read it before somewhere, probably the orginal article. I don't like it when he says the friend got the video camera in the Poll Tax riots though. They weren't til 3 years later. I find it hard to trust anything else in stories when you read inaccuracies such as those because it measn they're blatantly made up and embellished, not because someone's got a dodgy memory. And how would it even be possible if it was supposedly written in 1987 in the first place?

    I don't see why Axl should seem like a man uncomfortable in his own skin. He always seemed incredibly self-assured in interviews at that time. And what is "It ain't easy" supposed to be? It's so Easy?

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