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  1. Good point. But this was my 4th NITL show. So I’ve seen Coma 4x now. And I fucking love Locomotive so much more than Coma.
  2. So bummed it was Coma instead of Locomotive
  3. Now that all the leaks are out it’s official- State of Grace is the undisputed champion of leakfest 2019. Why this song didn’t make Chinese Democracy is baffling. It’s better than the following- IRS, Scraped, Shacklers, Riad, CD, ITW, TIL, Catcher (album version not the amazing 2000 version) why had we never heard this title before? Was this definitely going to be on CD2? so many questions.....
  4. 0.0 chance. The show must go on! Oh god please Locomotive!!
  5. Just wait till the raconteurs end and walk right up. That’s what I did last week and I was right by the stage
  6. Banning a super fan is incredibly petty. He should just attend one of the festival shows. They can’t ban him from attending a festival.
  7. It’s actually quite good. The thing I like about the 2000 intentions songs is that they all have room to breathe. Your not being bombarded with a million layers at once. That being said IRS and TWAT did need some work.
  8. Not only uninteresting...it’s fucking bizarre. So glad they never made that video!
  9. I have zero interest in reading private emails. I will listen to leaks, read a CD2 track list and or descriptions of songs. Reading Axl’s private emails is just wrong.
  10. It was like 4 different people taking turns. I was standing right in front of them.They were all unbelievable. So talented!
  11. Would love to hear the blues live again. It’s been quite awhile
  12. Depends on the framework of his personality. Some people thrive on doing the same shit over and over again while others thrive on novelty.
  13. Main stage at the end of the park that seems to be facing west as it parallels Barton Springs Road
  14. It is surreal. I have to imagine the media has been asked not to discuss the leaks. I’m just so grateful to have all these new songs to listen to. 11 years is a fucking long time.
  15. Great show. Axl was in good spirits. He actually sounded pretty good on most everything. They had to cut some of the covers due to time restrictions (fine by me) Slash is at his musical Apex. It’s as if his guitar has become a part of his body. The crowd seemed very confused by Better and Chinese Democracy. Seeing Axl do Slither live was a highlight. In 2006 I would have said there would have been a better chance that you would find a unicorn in a pot of gold at the end of a rainbow as the wor
  16. 730. They had a hard out at 10. Austin has a strict curfew
  17. I’m glad we never got an electronica version of GNR. This is so late 90s the way disco was so late 70s.
  18. It’s still going to be relatively hot this Friday. But it’s at night so it will cool off some. The following weekend it’s supposed to be great weather. Looking forward to both shows!! Loro is also really good for barbecue Asian Fusion. Same guys who did Franklin
  19. I had tickets for Houston. Tour was cancelled just a couple of dates before. Saw them in 01 so I wasn’t devastated. But if I had I known they would not perform again until 2006 I think I would have been more bummed.
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