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  1. Just now, WhazUp said:

    Dude this Twitter feud is the most "old Axl" since he tried to throw punches at the airport in 2009, or bit the security guard's leg in 2006 lol 

    True but I think the stuff he says on Twitter is fucking retarded for the most part. And he’s being a hypocrite for criticizing Mnuchin about travel when performed a stadium show at the start of the pandemic. 

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  2. Every year that album wasn’t released became a giant albatross around Axl’s neck. I think the re-formed GNR could have been an interesting studio and touring act in the 2000s. CD really needed to come out in 2000 or 2001. It was pretty well received in 2008 and it would have been very well received in 00-01. This would have given Axl confidence and successful tours and more releases would have followed. Probably like VR but a bit bigger. 

  3. 42 minutes ago, ShadowOfTheWave said:

    Are we sure Zutaut was still with the band when Axl laid down vocals for Oklahoma and Soul Monster? That doesn't sound right.

    Who knows when those vocals were laid down? I believe Zutaut was removed from the project in early 2002. In an article in I believe Classic Rock it was stated that the final straw was Axl showing up to what he was told was a private screening of black hawk down and finding that the screening was not private. WTTJ was featured in the film and Zutaut had assured Axl he would be getting a private viewing. When he showed up and found other people there Axl freaked out and fired Zutaut. That movie came out in December of 2001. Now I would imagine there were many problems leading up to this moment but this incident pushed Axl over the edge. Now given that these instrumentals were completed in 1999-2000 it doesn’t seem unreasonable that vocals for some of the aforementioned tracks could have been recorded in 2001 and could have been in Zutaut’s possession. Remember the original plan back in the day had been to drop CD and drop another completed album shortly thereafter. Axl spoke about this in late 2002. I doubt he would have mentioned this if both albums were not near completion. We always assumed the vocals for songs like Soul Monster were laid down in the mid 2000s but that was never confirmed anywhere. They were most likely were completely in 2000-2001. Now others songs such has seven, the general, ect...may have been completed a bit later as we know Beltrami worked on these in 2003 and commented on them as if he heard them in near finished fashion. The greatest shame is that the majority of hardcore fans have heard none of this shit. At this point what was the fucking point? 

    @axlrosefan4life feel free to chime in. But my guess is that I’m pretty fucking spot on. 

  4. 1 hour ago, Gordon Comstock said:


    State of Grace and Perhaps absolutely should've replaced Scraped and Shackler's.

    Then again... the Village demos of Riad, CD and CITR all sound really good, while the album versions of those songs are a mess. I'm scared to think of how many unnecessary layers got added to State Of Grace...

    Very True. SOG and Hard School should have replaced Riad and scraped. I wished they never would have changed catcher. The village version is so much better. 

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  5. 4 hours ago, Gordon Comstock said:

    I like the intro on the demo but it's too long. Chinese Democracy has the same issue, and luckily the NITL line-up cut it down to the 3.5 minute rocker that it's supposed to be. The new intro to Hardschool sounds a lot more 'classic Guns' IMO. I'm curious to hear how Frank sounds on the studio version.

    I think Chinese Democracy could have had Atlas on it if not for all the super long intros. The one on Riad is so dumb just like the song Riad. I still 12 years later cannot believe Riad and Scraped made the final album. They are both such garbage tracks. 

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  6. 30 minutes ago, Gordon Comstock said:


    I couldn't find the lyrics that were posted months ago on gnfnr, but after listening to it again here's my attempt at the lyrics in the 2nd half:


    When did you think you would tell me
    How long you think I can wait (oh no, I just...)
    I thought I never said I was sorry
    Now don't you count on your faith now, you'll never learn
    The storm is comin' to get ya, oh
    I sense a shivering doom
    You thought you had it, yea
    You thought you had it figured out
    But you don't even care

    My love... killin' me
    You've fallen from your grace with me
    Oh, my love, ah
    I asked for (?) I believe in
    'Cause now, more than ever
    I still remember,
    Your name...


    Nice! It’s always been clear to me that he is singing clearly defined lyrics. I never thought they were scratch vocals. 

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