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  1. To add to your point maybe Hard School was always going to be the lead single to the follow up to Chinese and the fact that it leaked did not change that plan. Going back to 2006 when DJ Raz got a copy of that track management completely freaked out and demanded it be returned immediately. They also bribed DJ Raz with backstage access to Hammerstein and then reneged on the deal once they got the copy of Hard School back in their possession. It’s a catchy rocker that’s built for radio (which doesn’t matter anymore) and it has a very classic guns feel to it. I think that people who are expecting
  2. Would it not have made sense to release Hard School as a single before its live debut? If they are going to play it it’s most likely the lead single to something.
  3. Mexico is not going to handle the corona virus well. But of course their culture of corruption is going to let this festival go on as if nothing is wrong
  4. If a new Guns record drops at midnight it confirms that the world is actually ending.
  5. I’m not sure if an exact tracklist was ever mentioned. I believe certain songs were mentioned including Cuban Skies, Soul Monster, The General, Seven, and Ides of March.
  6. That’s what I thought. I caught my flight home the morning after Bercy. Did you miss train after the show? The showed ended at like 1150 and we were strolling to the train start and a bunch of people came running past us. And my wife was like why are all these people running? We found out 2 mins later when we just barely missed the last train. We ended up walking around for over an hour before we finally found a cab.
  7. L’ARC was the day after Bercy correct? Because I was in Paris for the Bercy show and caught a flight the next morning to go home. And I remember being upset I couldn’t go to L’ARC. Do I have the timeline right?
  8. So I saw them at the Bearcy arena in Paris the day either before or after L’ARc. Axl was on fire. I hated that version of GNR for many reasons but Axl was excellent. His voice was super on point and powerful.
  9. They are definitely worth seeing. They put on a great show
  10. The middle part of circus Maximus when the guitar kicks in with the piano and the electronic elements is just outstanding. The arrangement is just extremely Axl. If that song is actually 7 wholly molly it’s going to be good.
  11. I encourage everyone to bail out on the Black Crowes because when I went to see them in 2006 I expected a southern rock band and they had morphed into the Black Crowes version of Phish.
  12. This why you need a real management team ( see Azoff, Irving) They get bands the right kind of deals that make sense for all parties involved so shit can be released. It’s not a coincidence that he was able to structure a deal to get CD out where everyone got paid. And he wanted Slash and Duff back in 2009 so everyone could get paid crazy money for a reunion tour. This is what big time management is for.
  13. I live in Austin (which is kinda Portland SW) and even we got a show (two actually both ACL weekends) They should have booked a date at that cool soccer stadium y’all have.
  14. That is odd. Portland is a really big market to just skip altogether.
  15. Love the piano breakdown after the coda so much on perhaps. And the Brian May guitar work. State of Grace is a monster song. I’m so curious to know if it’s been expanded or if it’s still 4 min.
  16. Is anyone else really surprised that GNR can sell another entire US stadium run solo? It made sense in 2016 because it had been so long since Axl, Slash, and Duff had performed together. But many of these markets had already been hit in the first stadium run and arena run not that long ago. Even if they announce a new album (God willing) I find it a little perplexing?
  17. Flip Perhaps and SOG and that would be my list. Agreed about nothing and quicksong
  18. We’ve been dancing with a song called hard school we won’t play it nerds keep wanting just leave us alone. They won’t leave us alone.
  19. Why do people get their hopes up that this will be when it all changes. New songs, new sets, new stage set up. Wow they are playing the slowed down version of your crazy (which actually is fucking awesome but still). Nothing is changing. Same set. 4 covers that will eat up time that they could be playing songs that people actually want to hear at a Guns N’ Roses concert- Guns N’ Roses songs. It’s so easy to start. Paradise City to end. A bloated 14 minute version of Rocket Queen and KOHD. No new single. Axl will not be in shape. Slash will be excellent as always. Same shit, Different year. The
  20. The lithographs are the only good merch. The T-shirts and everything else they sell at concerts suck to the highest degree. But I did receive a pretty bitchin GNR Christmas sweater from their website for Christmas.
  21. It just is what it is at this point. Something will happen or it won’t. If you let this band make you crazy that’s on you. They are never going to function like a normal rock band. They have bad management, extremely mediocre merchandise (except for the lithographs which are excellent) and Axl has the final say on everything and it seems like he is difficult (like a lot of great artists) so the best expectation is no expectation.
  22. You forgot at least 4 cover songs that no one is interested in hearing.
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