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  1. Have all the leaks from last year end up getting wiped from online? Tried catch up on a few but had no luck
  2. Not everyone listens to new artists/music the same way. Got into them back in 2016 and listened to Appetite alone for the first three months I'd say and then ventured out from there. Didn't listen to CD for 1/2 years after I'd already considered GNR my favorite artist. Doing the same thing with Marilyn Manson atm actually, really got into them and been listening since March but still haven't listen to at least 4/5 of the albums(although a bit different situation when he actually consistently releases music, and I've read that those albums aren't great).
  3. The chorus is where it's kicks in I think, definitely could be a pretty great GNR song with Slash/Duff input. Also, trying say a song as bad off a 15 seconds soundbite from a rehearsal doesn't make much sense when the full song is available and most who've heard it agree it's a pretty great song.
  4. Camera work was done by Download Festival for TV as opposed to GNR's organisation, afaik. Probably explains why it's so high quality.
  5. Probably not the worst idea to get all the worst songs out of the way early
  6. I don't think most are necessarily disagreeing with that, heard some work she did for a video game in 2015 and was floored by it so I'm very happy she's in the band(didn't make the connection that it was her till a few years later). But I definitely see why people are curious or find it strange that she may have potentially lied about her age. Not that I necessarily care about her age, just find it a little strange that she may have lied about it and in turn may have lied about the whole "next Taylor Swift" thing.
  7. If that's the case she must have lied about people planning on her being the next Taylor Swift so. She would've been 25 I think by the time Taylor would've been starting it out. Good article and was an interesting read, but all the (potential) lies seem a bit unnecessary. She looks amazing for 38 if that is the case though
  8. Also mentions she wants to be they planned her to be next Taylor Swift which would make no sense at all if that link was accurate.
  9. I don't think Fernando does his tweets for him, it's a bit far fetched
  10. just checked there out of curiosity, 277/280 characters. Not sure why doesn't do two-part tweets, would make it a bit clearer to read
  11. Always presumed it was to condense whatever he's saying to fit into a tweet
  12. yeah and it's being emphasized with the long shot, still pretty cool
  13. Seen a good few Axl close ups at this stage. Not sure why they are using the longshot as often as they are though. Still pretty cool
  14. I find it so strange that a forum mostly filled with middle-aged men(I assume) get so fixated on the looks of a 60 year old guy. It's like, of all the things potentially wrong with the band, Axl haircut was what made your decision not to go? Seriously? And even weirder, it's just a normal haircut, that plenty of men of all ages have. Not sure why people see it as an issue. It's not like they're the Pussycat Dolls or something. How they look really shouldn't affect whether you want to go to the show or not.
  15. Did he specify for how long? Cause I'd be pretty happy with that if it's a long term thing
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