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  1. The Taliban didn't win because of weaponry. The Taliban won because they won the battle for hearts and minds. The people of Afghanistan clearly don't feel strongly enough to get rid of them, and the US public stopped caring about this war a long time ago.
  2. I'll give him credit if he follows through, should have happened long ago. Essentially, the Taliban basically won didn't they? Have to tip my cap for being able to outlast the world's biggest empire.
  3. Compared to some of the goofy Godzilla movies they were making during the 60's and 70's, these movies are dark! At least Godzilla is portrayed as an apex predator who is beyond good and evil. Kong is the one who can have a special connection to humans. Godzilla does his own thing and is more of a Mad Max type character, coming and going as he pleases.
  4. Insomnia (2002). If there's one word I could use here it's tension! Nolan really does tension well here and evil Robin Williams is a delight.
  5. I thought it was fine. Some of these reviewers are ridiculous. A movie full of nothing but Kong and Godzilla fighting would actually suck. You have to pace correctly and use them correctly. Two monsters who have no dialog can't carry an entire damn movie! This is the same thing that has killed pro wrestling. You have all these geeks doing somersaults, flips, and super kicks non stop. They've lost the art of pacing, story-telling, and selling.
  6. I'm sorry, I couldn't understand McConnell because he had multiple corporate dicks in his mouth. like the usual congressional Republican.
  7. I give it two thumbs up! The monster scene's and Kong's backstory were very well done, and the human stories didn't drag the movie down too much, they managed to stay out the way when they had to. I think they've done this franchise and world building better than I would have expected for giant monster movies. My biggest gripe is still that they killed Bryan Cranston in the first Godzilla movie!
  8. One of the best matches ever, in my favorite year for pro wrestling, 1997.
  9. Let's wait and see what the report says in June (if it's even released on time). I'm predicting the report is very light on specifics and will essentially just say that there are vehicles flying in US airspace that the Navy and Air Force can't identify. I'm not even sure if the report will talk about any of the flight characteristics captured on radar and other sensor data. There is supposed to be a confidential annex to the report that only congress can read, that's probably where all the flight characteristics will be talked about.
  10. It's not the Pentagon and agencies as a whole that want to get this out though. It's portions that do and portions that don't. This recent disclosure movement was kicked off in 2017 when Lue Elizondo and Chris Mellon, two former insiders essentially went public after they got out of government and have been pushing for some disclosure. The Pentagon has actually done a lot of pushback and tried to put it out to the press that Lue Elizondo was never an insider and lead the AATIP program, but then that was debunked and former Senator Harry Reid said that he did. Since then there have been classif
  11. I actually never saw Justice League so seeing the Snyder Cut was totally fresh for me. I tend to hate super hero movies (except for Batman) but it managed to keep my attention and I enjoyed it. I will say it is such a missed opportunity that we never got a full Batfleck movie. His interaction with Leto's Joker in the epilogue was awesome. I love the psychological games much more than the explodey super fast action scenes in movies so that was probably my favorite part of the Snyder Cut. I want a whole movie of that.
  12. Because of the dearth of GnR material, I'm never going to turn down 'new' material, even if it's a song that was debuted 20 years ago.
  13. Easy solution is to just put the CD leftovers like Silkworms as a digital release only, and any physical release can have the actual new stuff.
  14. I don't have the energy to reply to everything , but I'm agreeing and amplifying this point right here. America's time as the top dog is on the way out, as China (which is a more serious country) has already surpassed America in terms of GDP by Purchasing Power Parity. It's only a matter of time before they have the military advantage. This very much reminds me of Germany overtaking Great Britain in the late 19th and early 20th centuries as the real power in Europe. Except this time, I don't see two world wars occurring and knocking China off it's perch. America, from the 30,000 foot view
  15. The Dr Suess thing you brought up is a total side issue that blew up to a level it shouldn't have, I agree with you. But guess what, the decision to make that such a big hot button issue was from the right wing elites that run fox and right wing media. It's not Joe Public who decides what topics the big networks are going to run that day. So again, elites matter far more than the public at large. But is CNN much better? They run on left wing cultural issues and rarely are talking about bread and butter economic issues. So this dumbed down fake culture war issue is something that right and
  16. When a former Director of National Intelligence talks about UAP's/UFO's in a manner like this, people need to listen up. Serious people are treating this topic very differently than they have in the past, and that's a good thing.
  17. The whole frame on this is wrong. The country has already been harmed, by the elites that have been extracting obscene amounts of wealth at the expense of the middle and working classes for decades. It wasn't Russia or China who did this to America, it was America's own elites. So I think it's a sleight of hand both sides of the spectrum play (Liberals love to talk about Russia, Conservatives love to talk about China). And if you don't want foreign countries to propagandize your population and make any headway doing so, run a tighter ship and treat your people better. Does anyone really think
  18. That short video clip didn't match what that guy is tweeting. Gaetz isn't wrong though, Putin would mop the floor with Biden in a debate, that's just the reality of the situation. Hannity's take that Biden is a socialist is laughable.
  19. 1st ballot HOF'er easy.
  20. Why has Max Boot not been banished to a small island somewhere?
  21. The Republican party is the party of signaling to the working class that they have their back, but screwing them royally on actual policy. Just watch, people like Rubio and Hawley's rhetoric will become increasingly anti-capitalist and anti big business, but the actual policies they sponsor or vote on will be the same as always.
  22. Now he's bragging about how the vaccine only exists because of him! Talking out of both sides of his mouth as usual.
  23. What makes you think a conservatard would want to give money to working class whites either?
  24. Call me crazy, but I think the average GOP voter would probably support a lot of democratic-socialist type policies if you just called it something else (like if you called Universal Health Care, 'Patriot-Care' for example) and Donald Trump gave it an endorsement.
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