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  1. Hard Skool was called Jackie Chan when it leaked. It had that name because it was supposed to be for a Jackie Chan movie. There is a video (link below) of a '96 interview of Duff and he talks there about them (him, Slash, and Axl) getting back together to work on songs and ALSO this song for a Jackie Chan movie. So they have worked on Hard Skool back at that time. By the way, when the guys play Absurd live, they play with so much energy! They are completely enjoying playing that song. https://www.facebook.com/groups/1776500235915125/permalink/3166789533552848/ Better link here for those not in the group above. The relevant part starts at 7:20 and goes through 8:40.
  2. I'm so happy to see Coma played in this last show.
  3. I would totally buy the Hard Skool sticker with the Gn'R logo as shown on the on the locker if they make it available for purchase!!
  4. Yes, not official. Just edited my original post. It looks good though!
  5. So there was a second litho (NOT OFFICIAL) for last night's show. It is shared on HTGTH site (link below) and numbered to 50. It's beautiful too! Made by Brent Schoonover, DC and Marvel comic book artist. I like that it includes all current 7 members in the design. http://www.heretodaygonetohell.com/board/index.php?topic=69229.0
  6. That sounds like a great sign!! I'm hopeful!
  7. I love today's lithograph with the Peanuts theme!! Axl, Slash, and Duff are so cute! ! And nice touch on using the Gn'R bullet logo as the moon and adding a rose on the piano . ❤️😍 I don't have a link for the actual litho but here your can see the design. https://gnrtourtruck.com/collections/featured/products/2021-city-event-tee-st-paul The design is by Arian Buhler 🤘
  8. I come here once in a while and posted a few times over the years. Yesterday, I came to share the other side of the one-sided story that artist was telling you all. He did the same in another fb group where tried to get sympathy from members. So I felt that if people actually read the exact response from Fernando, everyone could see it wasn't as how Geoff was saying it. And you all can see how Geoff quickly goes to insulting people when he doesn't like something. Same way he reacted towards the band after was told no prints. By the way, I'm happy that Fernando dropped by to give us some hope of something cool coming our way. So now I'm here to check if he gives us any other updates. 😊
  9. On his Instagram, Geoff May said: “Gunsnroses @slash @duffmckagan you guys let flebeis, @dooh3r and globalmerchservices represent your band?? You guys used to be all about expression, ruffling feathers. All about expressing yourselves. Now you’re all about an asshole manager and a horrible merch company. I can’t believe that growing up I aspired to be like you. You’re all corporate shills dressed up in leather. @official_axlrose hopefully you take some vocal lessons with the money you and globalmerchservices fucked artists out of. I guess you should never meet your heroes.” I have saved a screenshot of his post before he went private if anyone wants to see it. And he wrote that after Fernando explained why he would not allow APs and wants fans to get lithos at $50 price the band set (which you all read in the entire email from Fernando to Geoff, which I shared yesterday). He did not like the answer so he went to insult everyone including the band members. A very immature way to act, in my opinion.
  10. Excited for the vinyls! 🤘🤘🤘 I'm there for any pre-orders and won't mind waiting for the release. 😊
  11. From what I heard, Sara Ray was the only one who got permission to do variants only because she knew Slash. So it was part of her agreement. I believe that was the only artwork she did for Gn'R. And I agree with what you said. 🤘
  12. Here is the complete email Geoff sent to Fernando, right after Fernando explained that he was GnR's manager when he was asked who he was. The middle part I was I shared above: "Ah ok. My apologies. I don’t normally deal with bands directly, so I’m out of the loop on who manages who. Well, the short version of the story is that for the last 3 months I’ve been working my ass off on GNR lithos (tees too, but that part was fine) only to find out that now I’m not receiving any artist proofs. I did the art for Boston, Jersey, Denver and had submissions pending for Columbus (which followed the sports card theme that fans seem to be stoked about and I have no doubt would be approved), Baltimore and was asked to do one for Atlantic City and Vegas (which was an awesome concept that tied up the sports card ones). So with submission and approval fees I basically cleared $3k for 3 months of work. If I had known going in that there would be no artist proofs I would have passed on the job. In the past Global has always given me anywhere between 20-50 proofs for me to sell on my own. All numbered as proofs and signed so there’s no confusion that these were not purchased at the venue. This has ruined my relationship with Global and it doesn’t really reflect well on the band either because I was told by Charles Dooher that the band wouldn’t authorize proofs anyways. I would imagine the band wouldn’t be too keen on going out on the road if in the end each member was clearing less than flipping burgers at McDonald’s. So I was looking to clear anywhere from $30k-60k on proofs (the Boston one is going for $500-600 already, which is nuts!) which would have helped me financially get back on track since Covid had trashed my last almost 2 years. Now it looks like I get basically nothing while everyone else profits off of my work. The whole thing has left a bad taste in my mouth and I now need to figure out some sort of way to recoup money for my time. I’ve been designing merch for the band for about 15 years now. My stuff sells (and sells out) regularly. It’s disheartening that this is happening, especially with a band that has been my absolute favorite since I was a 4th grader in 1987." After that, Fernando did not reply right away, so then Geoff sent this other one: " Why contact me if you have no intentions of following up? I know you’re not part of Global but you’re complicit in their activities. Does the band really not give a shit about the artists putting out their merch? Have they really strayed that far that they’re above that? Hey man, at least reply to me and just tell me to fuck off and that GNR doesn’t care. I can accept that. I just always thought that they were a band for artists. Growing up I thought they were the middle finger to society. But maybe they’re just a part of the machine. That’s fine, just tell me." And there were like 5 other similar emails until Fernando replied the next day. Fernando's entire reply is what I shared above. If Geoff wants to share all the emails, he should go right ahead. He came here to try to gain sympathy by playing victim, while he was never mistreated. They were even courteous him even though he said bad things about them (Gn'R and Global) on social media and here. He saw how high one of his designs were selling for on eBay and wanted to cash on that and didn't like the answer he got. I don't see other GnR designers complaining on social media about not getting APs as they know what the agreement is.
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