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  1. Think they will play somethin new in Australia (Hardschool presumably), and then go for a March/April release to coincide with the European Tour. I just hope that Axl will do something simillar to 2016 when he came back much thinner and with high level vocals.
  2. If you skip to 0:55 you can see Duff n' Slash sittin' with all kind of gear behind them in the house that is neither Slash's or Duff's. May it be a studio?
  3. Am I the only one who likes Fortus solo in nightrain more than Izzy's?
  4. We get the best selects the day ticket sales start in Europe. Coincidence?
  5. You saw nightrain from houston? Easily my favourite live version of this song. This one is unfortunately not as good. Still sounds good.
  6. Holly shit nightrain from 2016 it cant get better
  7. Yes, but it also sounds damn powerful with this lineup
  8. Wow might be best one yet. Sound is actually good, so is camerawork. Axl also delievers.
  9. Cant' you all wait to hear ISE Brownstone and ChiDem again? It's gonna be awesome!
  10. Sounds closer to the recording than any of what Axl has been doing onstage for the past 3 years.
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