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  1. KOHD is actually quite enjoyable when you have a chance to focus on guitarists. 4tus is great and imho is having more interesting soloes than slash.
  2. Met Duff in 2019 in Warsaw. He went out to people before the concert. Super cool was givin out authographes taking photos and chatting. Looks much older when not onstage. Also very skinny. He is very nice and was waiting for me to charge up my phone with powerbank in order to take a photo .
  3. Would have to disagree. Europe 2017 was quite good.
  4. Just look at Steven T he is like Axl +15 in years and -20 in kilos and he sounds much better and consistent.
  5. Wichita is the best out of them. Nightrain is also OK. Its funny how Axl sings every word in different voice in Molotov Coctail part.
  6. I didnt want to be the one who would criticize Axl for weight. But I dont get one thing. Axl is constantly moving on stage and singin so he's burnin a lot of calories. He must be training in some way just to get through the show. How could he put on so much since 2016 geez. The guy is basically running a halfmarathone everyday while on tour and tours most of the year. Other than that. Guns show seems so stale right now. Everyone looks so F'N bored. Which I cant blame them for. Would be exactly the same after doing same set 200 F'N times At least now i have close up on fortus s
  7. Was jokin bout "little patience" and "stay ready" posts on facebook. XMAS TREE BUBBLES WERE DEFINITELY WORTH THE WAIT !!!!
  8. Hate to say it but 2010 was probably the best live incarnation of Guns n Roses with Axl being the best frontman in the world back then. He was in constant movement and was nailing every song. Nowadays Axl looks as if he gave up. If you look at him in 2010 he was much much thinner. And that showed both in the moves and in singing. Someone should show him Jagger, Dickinson, or Tyler so maybe he would get his head around the idea that weight is important in keeping certain performance standards. And when you even look at him from 2016-2020 you will see how his performance declined with
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