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  1. I think that he would hit the notes and sound good overall, but the rasp would be a no show
  2. Saw a video of Jungle. He should quit singing it high and stay with middle voice. The "you can have anything you want" part alone sounded way better than the rest of the song. He also looks as if he knew that his high voice is not on the spot and is testing singing it the other way in some pieces. Shame that he does it on tour tho.
  3. Dropping a few pounds really helped Axl. He looks as if he was moving faster and with less effort needed.
  4. How the fuck is this thread 45 pages already.
  5. Are they testing OMG in this clip? Sounds like it.
  6. I guess thats the charm of GNR. You never know. You never know if you will hear sth new or not. You never know if axl will deliever vocals or not. Thats the fun of it. Its not like any other band like Maiden or Priest where you have constant quality, great show and almost always great vocals. Same with AC/DC, FF or TRS. Where is the surprise? And with GNR anything can happen. Thats the beauty of it! Thats sad.
  7. ⁸I just dont get the anger and the attitude that todays show is gonna be a letdown. Yes the setlist is similar, but its like that with almost every GNR-sized bands. Maybe they want to make a scheme for their shows like Stones who usually finish with Satisfaction, or Metallica with Sandman. Gnr setlist must consist all the big hits, and tbh the NTITL setlist is really strong in its first half, after that it becomes to slow. We still dont know what they are gonna play and in which order we just saw the first half of the setlist. We can assume that they will play new songs (we have proof of Hardschool, heard some news about other new songs being rehearsed), and some long not played songs from their catalogue. For me rearranging some parts of the setlist (so that the second part is not such a drag) and adding some long not played songs + some now music is absolutely fine and it should make for a great show. And we know that they rehearsed some rarely played songs like PTU, Catcher, Prostitute, TAY. All in all dont be so negative. Even if they dont change the show on a massive scale we will still get great concert, with hopefully decent sounding Axl. Still fuck Black Hole Sun - retire that shit.
  8. I am really hyped up for tomorrow. Finally after so much time this place will be alive again. Really missed it.
  9. Isnt it possible for guns to drop the album before Australia / early next year before European tour?
  10. Today Gibson announced that they are starting record label, and will release SMKC new album as their first release in 2022
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