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  1. Isnt it possible for guns to drop the album before Australia / early next year before European tour?
  2. Today Gibson announced that they are starting record label, and will release SMKC new album as their first release in 2022
  3. Oh boy good that they didnt show snake dance. This sales woud drop so fuckin low.
  4. Rolling Stones also did sth like this on their last tour with fans being able to pick one from the 4 songs. Thats why I heard Under My Thumb in Prague.
  5. Had to do the same in Poland Gdansk in 2017 right before double talkin jive.
  6. I recently found this chilean show called Yo Soy, where people impersonate famous singers. There is one for Axl, and this is the best copy of Axl I have ever seen. Brian Johnson is also spot on.
  7. Frankly I like Melissa a lot. I think that her backing vocals are spot on. Same as heavy synthesisers that were used in the beginning of NITLT.
  8. https://www.instagram.com/p/CPelaKHMq72/?utm_medium=copy_link It will be unmissable sounds so stupid to me
  9. https://www.instagram.com/p/CPcUR9dDUV3/?utm_medium=copy_link
  10. Slash posted new SMKC album tracklist on his instagram.
  11. Shame, I liked to go through through the Mexico rehearsals from time to time
  12. Well weighing 1/3rd Axl's weight surely helps in running around onstage. Even more so when you are almost 80 years old.
  13. Yeah the new song with Grohl is also great. Hope they will do one more tour since i only saw them once and that is the that you want to see multiple times. The things that Mick does on stage. Fuck me man, no frontman can do better.
  14. Stones are pretty damn amazing. Must be the best aging band of all time.
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