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  1. Both were on the "new songs" CD's in 2001, are you just making stuff up now?
  2. Surreal to actually have some new music to buy, instant purchase for me
  3. Yes, at the end of the bridge Axl screams before going back into the chorus. None of Duff/Melissa's ooohs are in the studio version though
  4. Chorus vocals sound new to me, loving this. Slash's additions really make it sound like a classic GNR track
  5. Out in New Zealand now *** NO LINKS OR REQUESTS FOR TRACKS ALLOWED ***
  6. Are you sure you’re doing it right? It is very consistent for me. Shazaming the intro or the scrapped solo section, it takes exactly 10 seconds each time. Shazaming the first verse of Hard Skool multiple times; it took 5, 2, 1, 2, and 4 seconds for the message to pop up. Foo Fighters had to hide the songs from their newest album on Shazam after they caught fans using it on leaked snippets to find song titles. It looked just like this, although that’s the only other instance I can think of off the top of my head.
  7. I might add that up until yesterday, Shazaming any portion of the song took the usual 10-15 seconds for the no results message to appear. I’ve been checking Shazam pretty much daily since Axl played the song for the girl
  8. It’s real, these links can only be created by the label/management. Get some sleep though, nothing will probably happen with the link until Thursday at least
  9. I've checked this link every day since Absurd came out and got a 404. Things are definitely in motion in some way or another
  10. I think the soundcheck clips are from yesterday, one of her stories says 9/18. Interesting that she (and Frank) posted it with sound though
  11. I think Spotify just kinda works like Google. I recall reading Reddit posts about leaked Kanye West songs popping up his Spotify profile too, but nothing ever came of any of it.
  12. I don't think the bridge will have new vocals. If you look at Meegan's video of the HS rehearsal, the teleprompter shows the lyrics for the following chorus the entire time, implying that Axl has no lyrics to sing until the section is over. The entire song could have new vocals for all I know, but I don't think it will be more than a new vocal take replacing the old one.
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