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  1. Salt in the wound would be Hard School becoming an exclusive Slash song on the next album, imagine…
  2. Anyone but me expecting HardSchool on the setlist for this show??
  3. Its been 13 years of silence, its been 13 years of paaaain
  4. Hey guys does anyone know the actual upcoming tour dates start date? On the GnR site it says first date is in 10 days and on here but on the GnR instagram post from 1st July it has a list of dates that begin on 16th of August with the same locations listed? Frustrating because I spent the past 2 weeks counting down to the 31st lol but just wondering if anyone else knows the actual start date? Thanks guys!
  6. Im heading to the MCG to see them on 11th November (if we’re lucky) cos im a Tassie guy i couldnt miss the opportunity to see my fave band in person! Doubt itll be that crowded though unfortunately
  7. I dont expect all of this but i have been hanging out to see how Axl looks this time, and a new setlist hopefully incorporating at the very least Hardschool. Fernando’s chat last year gave me hope that we will get something in the next 2 years. Dude there is an indication of atleast an album if Hardschool was soundchecked at the last show, only time will tell I guess.
  8. Same here man im 21 this year and it was said tour that took me down the rabbit hole too and id say i know all their songs including every village leak and sll leaked tracks and demos lmao rip. Dod you hear Hardschool soundcheck at the last show of 2020? Was so cool to finally hear even a short snippet of Axl singing an unofficially released song!
  9. I never seen them yet, only just missed out in ‘17 due to commitments. Really nervous to see whether Melbourne goes ahead i really hope above all i can see the boys live this year. Coming up from Tassie just to see them!
  10. Id love to be wrong but i think if they will (which im naively hopeful for) play Hardschool it will be further into the tour, i dont reckon we will see much if any changes to the setlist for the first few weeks
  11. Why is there no page in this forum for that tour in the “2021 Tour Dates” section?
  12. Slightly off topic but can someone tell me the first tour date back?
  13. Bit of a long shot… but next show may just open with ISE, dont hold me to it tho!
  14. Ill be keen for the 2021 Australian Selects more
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