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  1. Maybe im looking into this yoo much but they posted this https://www.instagram.com/p/CJon-Y8MFOs/?igshid=6vzep1lyt33d i mean they are together, could mean making music together? Or am i too optimistic lmao
  2. SOYL has consistently been sung well by Axl and im not even sure why but its always sung well by him so unsure. But the others they showcased i couldnt care for. I dont understand how WTTJ hasnt been on the selects series yet, strange.
  3. Is it likely the band would go to cherry bar after the show? I might pop in there then, i live in Tassie so never seen cherry bar unfortunately but more than welcome to experience it I feel ya man. Im lucky im only gonna be 21 so i can stand waiting around and stuff just to meet Axl hes literally my idol but just finding it so hard to figure the chances of doing so and how i can do it
  4. How did you guys meet the band did you go to the tour busses after shows or at airports or what? Just thinking might try my luck in melbourne next year
  5. Hey guys, just wondering have any of you met Axl and the other band members and if so what were they like and when did you meet them? Going to the Melbourne show next year and would love to catch a glimpse of him after the show or something but feel like hes shrouded by mystery and no chance of ever meeting him. If anyone has any tips on how and where to meet him thatd be awesome. Thanks
  6. Honestly remember i used to search for this leak and every rose has its thorn and couldnt find a thing anywhere at all
  7. I think it sounds actually kind of real i cant find any discrepancies. Can someone help me out on how its proven as not real or is that just us not wanting to get our hopes up?
  8. Mate, you’ve encapsulated everything i could want the band to do in one comment
  9. Im 20 and love triple M rock radio 😂 Also forgive me for being so naive but i seriously believe we are in the chance to hear the first new setlist in a long time and possibly hardschool. Im gonna avoid the forums in the days leading ip to the event because i wanna be surprised lmao
  10. Honestly i love the design they used to announce the tour i think it looks sick
  11. Lucky man! I wasnt so lucky as all diamond ga standing tix in melbs were taken so i kept reloading the tickets and got myself some nice diamond ga sitting. So im mid stage above the standing. Not a bad spot to be especially since im short. First concert ever going to i expect nothing less of being blown away
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