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  1. Hes calling out Izzy heaps atm… i think Richard should be looking towards future band opportunities lol
  2. Im appreciative that we even heard it live this tour but it does prove on my point more as to why im glad he recycled old vocals rather than record new ones
  3. Anyone else notice HS live didnt have the drum fill before Duff’s opening? Maybe it is a lead in from a song on album??
  4. Im gonna add my two cents here and add that while it can be seen as Lazy on Axl’s behalf to reuse vox in my eyes i dont see why not, if be recorded vocals that were good and ready to be used then why not use them instead of recording new vox that could quite honestly not do the song justice. Trust me i see all your views and welcome them but to me i think the decision was smart, believe me i wanna know how Axl sounds in the studio nowadays too but id rather wait for a brand new song to hear them such things as opposed to possibly downing an old song that was ready.
  5. With the release of the merch we just got ive lost all hope on a new album now :((
  6. Is it a hit? Do we think views will grow substantially larger after its finally played live?
  7. Just noticed that all GNR albums on apple music and Absurd are listed as “Hard Rock” but HS id the only song to be just “Rock” guess it isnt as hard as we thought 😂
  8. So guys… what now lol i mean only Absurd and HS are on the setlist theres no more new songs, first time in years that theres not much to speculate on… hoping between end of this tour and the next show in June next year (assuming AUS and NZ are cancelled) that they add another new song or 2 and PTU and TAY to setlist maybe…
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