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  1. I think we’ll get a mix, with hardschool being soundchecked and somewhat briefly mentioned by nando that we will defs get that track, atlas i could imagine being in the tracklist but honestly i think they’re making heaps of tracks ready to release like 3 albums at once or something, maybe wishful thinking but no way slash could be saying back in 2016 “we’re working on tracks together” and 4 years later still doing the same thing unless theyre making heaps of new music
  2. Cant believe i just ordered the black version of this vinyl, ill never learn
  3. Been thinking lately what do we think axl will look like when the shows finally start up again and will we finally hear new stuff or is that just wishful thinking? Pls not satirical replies im genuinely interested in the consensus.
  4. Does anyone honestly think the November shows will happen? Just curious
  5. I dont think we should have to wait a month for this but a fortnightly release to me doesnt sound too strenuious or hard to achieve so lets hope now they're a bit more speedy with releases!
  6. Look im a very optimistic mind here so i gotta say i honestly dont think theyll retire without atleast one more album. I think Axl still has them emotional connections the the hundreds of unreleased songs and he’ll complete them somehow before retirement. I think its a bit harsh to say they’ll release nothing when Hardschool was soundchecked and on setlist, Duff’s wife has heard new stuff, Nando promises new stuff (maybe not a reliable source lmao) but yeah I certainly think to not release anything at all is not very likely and very pessimistic
  7. Damn man you were on 33rpm thats sick man. Beautiful set up though and great music taste (Pink Floyd etc!)
  8. Yeah same with my end of each side it gets kinda static with like hissing on the emphasised words. Heard about this before I bought the vinyl though so i think its just a poor mastering. Hopefully one day we’ll get a better and extended master lol.
  9. In this new album id place bets that Hardschool will be on it as a track regardless of its initial age bc general public would know no different. Maybe we'd even get Atlas on the album
  10. I realise they say this constantly however with Hardschool on the actual setlist and it being soundchecked I actually believe Fernando is telling the truth, they probs had plans to release it just before or after playing it live or even just debut it live. I know it’s frustrating and just annoying believe me ive watched all last year’s and this years concerts live to hear only the same thing after promised time and time again but this time i think fernando is for real
  11. give him atleast another year mate, if we're lucky we might get an interview with richard saying how the wheels are turning and we have good videos coming soon of the previous tour
  12. I think in him not wanting to speak about it shows that its in the works and him saying that “management to make a formal announcement” kind of says that its in the works so hopefully we’ll hear it soon. But thanks @Gambit83for asking, he wasnt offended or anything and you handled it professionally. Thanks for representing the fans in such a professional way, good work and you rock
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