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  1. Some people get what i was trying to say, some go off on a tangent. It's all good. I was going to reply the other day and thought of the opportunity cost of it all wasn't worth my time. My initial post (without going back and re-reading it verbatum) essentially said "what a bargain, there are Picasso's and Dali's for a similar price". I was the first to say i could be trying to detract people from bidding, or i could be the seller double bluffing @amaninjapan, so no need to go into that debate. I also said i was neither, as i was peiced out way early in the race. Et tu @troccoli haha
  2. @amaninjapan When I say a signed Picasso, I mean exactly that. A signed lithograph or print (which is still "original"). No one is bidding on an oil on canvas of the Kobe lithograph. You're comparing apples with oranges here, not me. Whilst I respect your standing as a GN'R lithograph collector, we won't agree on all things relating to them. After all, you have a vested interest, being the owner of said litho. I agree with your commentary on the unpredictability of human desire by the way, and that we do often just buy things because we want them, not necessarily because they will s
  3. I'd want more than just 2 tickets and a BJ for 20 grand 😂🤣 My intuition tells me that the majority of people bidding are not people with a few hundred thousand spare, but i might be wrong.
  4. Haha, the story had stuck in my mind (not from 3 years ago, but when I re-read bits of the forum a year or two ago). Yeah that $2000ono would have been a steal 😟
  5. Haha! I know, that does sweeten the deal a bit 🤣 Imagine if it stayed at $100 until the last half hour, that would have been some entertainment. It would have crashed eBay lol
  6. Not sure what your point is? I have a degree in Economics so I grasp the supply/demand. Not sure what Picasso prices while he was alive has to do with it in terms of a Kobe though? I suppose that concert is dead, but other than that? My point was, that as much as I would love a Kobe, it won't hold its value like a Picasso or a Dalì. There are 9 bidders on the Kobe. The demand for GN'R litho's is not what this forum or we tend to believe it is (compared to the artists I mentioned, let's be clear). Good luck to the seller and the eventual buyer though, we'll agree on that. I hope they
  7. What a bargain hahaha! You can buy signed Picasso's or an original Dalì for less. I noticed the seller is the same as the one in 2017 that wanted $2000 and @uzi your illusion offered $1000 and the seller rejected it/wanted to trade 3 litho's for it (including a signed Cinci). Remember that @uzi your illusion? This is that same ebayer. How many does he have exactly? As he sold that one in 2017, and the current ad states you have a choice of two numbers, he will keep the other. So that's at least 3, assuming he hasn't sold/traded any others in the last 3 years.
  8. I remember this too. I remember thinking that must be why they had the famous "bitch slap rapping, cocaine tongue" lyric on the Appetite album
  9. Already so much good input from everyone. I second a full 'Perfect Crime' UYI documentary with ideally studio footage. UYI I & II remastered on 24k gold CD Previously unheard tracks from the studio (re-mixed/mastered) Blu-Ray/DVD of a show from each leg of the tour (ones we have never seen) 10 random boxes contain a hidden rarity. E.G. Axl's handwritten lyrics, Slash strings from the recordings, Cassette with unheard song only available in that box, DVD of a show only available to you etc Lastly - I want a pair of Axl's trainers 🤟
  10. I can assure you I didn't receive notification of Glasgow being postponed. I had an email specifically regarding the Tottenham concert on 29/05 saying it had been postponed and that they would update me. There was no mention of Glasgow as I believe they (TM) were (at that time) hoping it could go ahead (imagine!). I contacted them last night and they sent me an apology this morning as I attached all my emails from them in the correspondence. They have now sent me a link for refunds, but their communication has been abysmal.
  11. Thank you, yes I didn't mean for this year, as I wouldn't attend a concert this year anyway. I just mean if it was rescheduled for 2021 or even 2022 I would have just kept the ticket, but TM haven't even emailed me to say it's cancelled. The last email I have from them is when I bought the tickets on 29/01! I did laugh at wee nippy though 🤣
  12. Sorry just seen this. Thanks man, i know what you mean, it's definitely a gamble and not sure how i even feel about a large crowd until this situation improves drastically. I just thought i would wait as i had presale GC tickets and didn't want to lose out if it was rescheduled soon. It now looks less likely so will see what happens. Strange i've not had any communication regarding Glasgow yet.
  13. Was your refund for London or Glasgow? I had an email regarding London but choosing to wait for them to reschedule, but not heard anything about Glasgow. Also, i had Leeds Festival day tickets for RATM and no news on them rescheduling that, so a lot depends on the venue i think. Thanks
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