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  1. Some people get what i was trying to say, some go off on a tangent. It's all good. I was going to reply the other day and thought of the opportunity cost of it all wasn't worth my time. My initial post (without going back and re-reading it verbatum) essentially said "what a bargain, there are Picasso's and Dali's for a similar price". I was the first to say i could be trying to detract people from bidding, or i could be the seller double bluffing @amaninjapan, so no need to go into that debate. I also said i was neither, as i was peiced out way early in the race. Et tu @troccoli haha
  2. @amaninjapan When I say a signed Picasso, I mean exactly that. A signed lithograph or print (which is still "original"). No one is bidding on an oil on canvas of the Kobe lithograph. You're comparing apples with oranges here, not me. Whilst I respect your standing as a GN'R lithograph collector, we won't agree on all things relating to them. After all, you have a vested interest, being the owner of said litho. I agree with your commentary on the unpredictability of human desire by the way, and that we do often just buy things because we want them, not necessarily because they will s
  3. I'd want more than just 2 tickets and a BJ for 20 grand 😂🤣 My intuition tells me that the majority of people bidding are not people with a few hundred thousand spare, but i might be wrong.
  4. Haha, the story had stuck in my mind (not from 3 years ago, but when I re-read bits of the forum a year or two ago). Yeah that $2000ono would have been a steal 😟
  5. Haha! I know, that does sweeten the deal a bit 🤣 Imagine if it stayed at $100 until the last half hour, that would have been some entertainment. It would have crashed eBay lol
  6. Not sure what your point is? I have a degree in Economics so I grasp the supply/demand. Not sure what Picasso prices while he was alive has to do with it in terms of a Kobe though? I suppose that concert is dead, but other than that? My point was, that as much as I would love a Kobe, it won't hold its value like a Picasso or a Dalì. There are 9 bidders on the Kobe. The demand for GN'R litho's is not what this forum or we tend to believe it is (compared to the artists I mentioned, let's be clear). Good luck to the seller and the eventual buyer though, we'll agree on that. I hope they
  7. What a bargain hahaha! You can buy signed Picasso's or an original Dalì for less. I noticed the seller is the same as the one in 2017 that wanted $2000 and @uzi your illusion offered $1000 and the seller rejected it/wanted to trade 3 litho's for it (including a signed Cinci). Remember that @uzi your illusion? This is that same ebayer. How many does he have exactly? As he sold that one in 2017, and the current ad states you have a choice of two numbers, he will keep the other. So that's at least 3, assuming he hasn't sold/traded any others in the last 3 years.
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