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  1. I actually am. My litho auctions are done tomorrow so that is the end of me working with GNR or Global, thank god. Have fun y’all. If you need to reach me I’m pretty easy to get a hold of.
  2. Yeah, I’m literally in tears because someone thinks I’m an asshole. let me know how those color comparisons go.
  3. Do an eye dropper color grab in Photoshop and post the results. Let’s see how exactly the same these colors are.
  4. Just putting it all out there. After that I don’t really care. At least it’s out there. Regarding not caring - yes, Global and GNR can piss off. fans - I’m glad they like my work. Other than that I don’t care about what they think they know about what agreements were in place. When you see someone totally not in the know telling you stuff about your business like it’s fact then they can fuck. At that point their opinion means absolutely nothing.
  5. Again, your thoughts mean zero to me. I’m fine with that. Fuck him.
  6. Which makes it even funnier that he thinks those are the same colors. Of course there’s different types of colorblind, so there’s that. I stole everybody’s designs and then am getting thousands for APs.
  7. Not a guardian angel. Just showing what a shit company Global is and how Fernando is totally cool with that because I (gasp!!) said Axl needs vocal lessons. Prove me wrong on that assertion.
  8. I don’t want sympathy at all. Again, I give zero shits what people think. I just wanted it out there for other artists to be aware of. It’s interesting that after I brought this stuff to light that I was hit up by a bunch of artists and a couple ex-employees of Global basically solidifying the things I’ve said. Far from your bud. You’re also clueless. But please, go on. You’re an armchair designer on a fan forum. You’re clown shoes.
  9. Apparently you’re colorblind and have no clue of what you’re looking at. Similar concept? Sure. So what? You think you got one over on me or that I’m going to apologize. Fuck that noise. Again, your thoughts on my work mean zero to me. See, misinformed. I did the canning. But yeah, you know all the intricacies of merch design and the music industry. Please tell me more white hot insider info.
  10. Hardly, but keep on beating that dead horse, champ. It’s funny that you think your opinion means anything.
  11. I didn’t want to solve anything, just make it known to other artists, which it is. It’s not like I wanted to work MORE with them or Global. I’m glad you know all the ins and out of the industry and know what was promised to me and what wasn’t. You’re a next level genius.
  12. And I give zero shits. That’s the beauty of being self employed. I don’t answer to anybody and can handle things how I see fit. We’re really going to talk professionalism and GNR?? They’ve made a career out of being unprofessional. I mean that in the best way.
  13. You’re not privy to all the details and other stuff that was in the works. But sure.
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