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  1. The silence is part of the reason why I'm not going to the Fenway Park show. I'm not even fully convinced that with the mask mandate even for vaccinated people suggestions running rampant, that some of these shows will even happen.
  2. Slash should arm wrestle Axl and Fernando at the same time, with the winner gaining full control of Guns N' Roses. Slash would win, and there'd be 32 new albums in the next five years.
  3. Most paranoid band and management in history. I was on the fence about whether to see them at Fenway Park. Now, I'm certain that I will not. They don't deserve my money. Fernando Lebeis is the most incompetent business manager the music industry has ever seen. New album before the end of this calendar year, otherwise I think I'm done caring.
  4. So you have tickets for Fenway Park? I bought them last year, then got a refund after the show was cancelled. Had good seats, behind the visitors' dugout. I still think about buying tickets for the rescheduled show, but either the band, management, or Ticketmaster had the audacity to increase ticket prices over last year. It would cost me over $700 to get the same three seats I had last year, and for what? Another "greatest hits" show? You're right, the band is older, and there's no magical elixir for Axl's voice. About the only thing that would compel me to go is the promise of new
  5. I think at this point, no. Unless they wait until the 31st anniversary, as they did with Appetite. Somehow, this does make me more optimistic that the goal is new music.
  6. The first show in July should be the telltale sign. If they introduce a new song, everything points to a new LP, or EP. If they play the hits and a few deep cuts from yesteryear, it’s another nostalgia tour, and there’s nothing new coming. That’s why I’m on the fence about going to the Fenway show. I don’t need a rerun of the Gillette Stadium shows from 2016.
  7. I had a vivid dream last night that Izzy was rejoining the band. Somehow, I got backstage at a show, and Slash told me. He also gave me a bunch of free stuff, and signed the back of the shirt I was wearing. That's how I knew it was a dream when I woke up. GN'R doesn't give anything away for free.
  8. I’d like to hear a cover of “Love Will Keep Us Together” by Captain and Tenneille next
  9. The “Live n’ Let Die With COVID-45” t-shirt. Total embarrassment.
  10. I was too young in the 70’s to remember Queen’s popularity in the United States. All I know is that Flash Gordon was the beginning of the end for them, and they were virtually a non-factor in the 80’s. If this was a U.S. based poll, Queen might reach the round of 16, but no further.
  11. I'm sort of beginning to not care anymore. Never thought I would say that, but after all the excitement of Slash and Duff's return, nothing has manifested itself in the form of new music. A person starts to look back at what could have been with this band, especially with it's incredible early success. If you are old enough to remember 1991, you remember the frenzy and anticipation of the Use Your Illusion records, and that GN'R were the undisputed biggest band in the world. Perhaps it was wrong to think that things would echo that period of time with Slash and Duff back in the fold.
  12. I have both the toy truck (Christmas gift), and the laundry bag (purchased myself). No regrets. Two of the more unique items that used to be in their merch store. Aside from the AFD related box sets, everything they're selling now is garbage.
  13. The episode concludes with Axl and the gang sitting around a campfire, singing "One In A Million"
  14. Down the road, I envision Axl guesting as himself on an episode of Family Guy, where Peter becomes the third keyboard player in Guns N' Roses and fights the big yellow chicken, thinking it's Buckethead.
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