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  1. Not a bad song, especially when it goes into hi-speed mode. Myles Kennedy doesn't look healthy, though. If he's dancing with Mr. Brownstone, keep it away from Slash.
  2. Not sure about the future in Mexico, but Australia is done for. They're a country in civil war (no pun intended) due to the extreme COVID lockdowns. It's not going to end well there, and I feel bad for their citizens.
  3. Musically, it sounds very much like the Foo Fighters. Reminds me of their song "Monkey Wrench".
  4. I think they may have mixed up the price of the 7" single with that of a full length LP. Which begs the question: Could there be a full length LP before the end of this year?
  5. Somewhere, Matt Sorum is whining and moaning, "Waaah, I wanna be in Guns N' Roses again"
  6. With this Friday, September 17th, being the 30th anniversary of the Use Your Illusion releases, it could be a day where the band releases "Hard Skool" and announces a release date for a new album.
  7. Maybe Axl should have dedicated "Welcome To The Jungle" to the Antifa thugs that have turned Portland into a wasteland.
  8. I think we all need to cut him some slack. He's going to be 60 in February. He's also been singing in hard rock/metal bands since at least 1983. That's so much wear and tear on your vocal chords, and as your body ages, those things just don't return to form as they did years before. It should be obvious. I think Axl sounded his best in the early 90's, but he also sounded fine in 2006. He was 44 then. He sounded a lot better at that age than other guys like David Lee Roth and Vince Neil when they were 44. There's no magic pill for singers to give them the voice they had 30 years ago, and face it, with Axl, his singing ability should not be expected to be the same after 30 years. Perhaps that's part of the reason why he invited Slash and Duff to return to the band. Who wants to see a band with a single original member that can't sing the way he used to?
  9. I had a few of the Evel Knievel toys when I was a kid, also watched his jumps on TV when they were broadcast. Had a VHS tape years ago that showed nearly all of his jumps, while Evel reminisced about them as he was driving his RV. I don't think it was ever released on disc, though.
  10. When I bought the download on Friday, it was #63 on the list of the band's most popular songs.
  11. I like the song, despite the silly lyrics. To be honest though, I like it more live than the distorted voice given to Axl on the studio version.
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