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  1. Fenway Park is a smaller venue. For a baseball game, it holds a maximum capacity of just under 38,000. I am fully expecting this show to be sold out, especially with the addition of Smashing Pumpkins as the opener. They're not my cup of tea, but it will bring in some of their fans who will probably stick around for Guns. Also, this North American leg is still five months away. Ever the optimist, I'm keeping an open mind to the possibility of new tunes by then.
  2. I have no interest in seeing Smashing Pumpkins, so I guess if they open at Fenway Park, I’ll be at the merchandise stands or on the toilet
  3. I was trying to grab three tickets for TURF at Fenway, and I kept getting the message that there were not any available based on that quantity. So, I had to "settle" for three tix in Field Box 70.
  4. Thanks, man. I'm planning on buying some tix for the Fenway Park show. I sure hope 'Larger Than Life' has some meaning being the tour name, though it doesn't sound like an album title I'd expect from them.
  5. Unless there’s a plan for the band to make a surprise appearance at the halftime show and debut something new, last night’s show was a massive disappointment. It’s just illogical, and insulting to the true fans, to roll out the same set list when a “new chapter” was being touted. I didn’t want to believe that a tour in 2020 would be nothing but a cash grab, but it’s now difficult to think otherwise.
  6. It's my gut feeling that something new will be performed tonight. The audience probably won't give two fucks, but this website will be buzzing. I also think the merch website is going to be offering new stuff very soon. With Christmas and the 25% off sale earlier this month, there's not much left there.
  7. It was from Headbanger's Ball. The VJ's name was Smash. He let the band destroy the set, and, not surprisingly, that VJ wasn't on MTV much longer.
  8. The Ritz show was filmed by MTV, so it would be my guess that their parent company, Viacom, has ownership of it.
  9. I wonder if Fenway Park in Boston will be one of those venues? The Motley Crue/Def Leppard/Poison/Joan Jett tour has two nights booked there in late August. In September, Aerosmith and New Kids On The Block are playing seperate shows there, but on back-to-back nights. My understanding is that Fenway is not the best place to see a concert, but it does have sort of an intimate feel to it. Capacity is around 38,000.
  10. Hear Ye! Hear Ye! Let it be known that on January 24, 2020, the Locked N' Loaded Set at the official shop website, has been declared as SOLD OUT. https://gnrmerch.com/collections/music/products/appetite-for-destruction-locked-n-loaded-box-set?variant=12100430364748
  11. Slash's comments are indicative how much concern the band and management have for the new material being stolen/leaked/pirated. They are not in the business to give away new music, nor should any artist be. I continue to be alternately baffled and angered by those who grew up downloading music from places like Limewire. So many people on this site who heard the leaked songs from a few months back, and then question or mock the lack of new material being officially released. And you wonder when the band does play a show near you, why it costs an arm, a leg, and a firstborn child to ge
  12. I'm a Gen X, and I was born in 1970. If you were born between 1982 and 2000, you are a millenial. And I probably don't like you. And fuck Snoop Dogg.
  13. I got the new Christmas sweater also, I love it. It was my favorite Christmas gift this year. Hoping to wear it more for Christmas 2020
  14. It's my opinion that if the band doesn't get new music out this year, Slash will bolt. He's the kind of guy that wants to stay productive. Sure, he loves being out on the road and performing, but he also likes being in the studio, recording new material. I don't think the money he's stockpiling from the NITL tour would be enough to make Slash happy enough if the GN'R plan was to just play shows with the same songs night after night. The linactivity in the studio is basically what caused him to leave in 1996.
  15. I received mine on day one (6/29/18). My number was 3642. That pissed me off then, and the fact that you received a lower number 18 months later pisses me off. If they had taken the time and courtesy to release them in numerical sequence, mine almost certainly would have been one of the first 500.
  16. The live version from 1987 in London that was officially released in 2018 is by far the best version I've heard
  17. I agree, though in the 2019 version, the band was treated as a trio than as a full band. I'd like to see the other band members get a little more exposure and respect.
  18. I got a bunch of things for Christmas from family that were purchased on the official website. Got the holiday sweater, which I love. Also got three of the puzzles--the AFD banned cover, and the two Illusion puzzles. Got the Maxfield "Guns N' Roses Was Here" hat, and the 1:32 tractor trailer truck. Only thing I wanted but didn't get was the red AFD cassette, because I already had the vinyls from the Locked N' Loaded set, and didn't need them again. I wish they had offered the cassette seperately.
  19. Dizzy Reed, in the band since 1990. Ferrer, in the band since 2006, I think? Fortus, in the band since 2002? Those three have technically been in Guns N' Roses longer than Slash and Duff. The band is excellent as-is. People wanted as much of the classic era members as possible, and we managed to get Duff, and in some kind of miracle, Slash. I can happily accept this lineup as Guns N' Roses.
  20. I like the 'Guns N' Roses Was Here' cap. Appears to be sold out, which I guess is proof that it wasn't too gaudy looking.
  21. From my perspective, the band is making up for years of missed opportunity. I certainly have been the optimist about a new record, and while I was disappointed that 2019 didn't bring anything new, these tour dates (without "Not In This Lifetime" attached) would strongly suggest, in my opinion, that they will be touring in support of new material. January 31st is interesting, because with it being the first show since NITL ended, I would fully expect something new to be introduced, especially to an audience in town for the Super Bowl. It would definitely cause media buzz.
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