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  1. I’d like to hear a cover of “Love Will Keep Us Together” by Captain and Tenneille next
  2. The “Live n’ Let Die With COVID-45” t-shirt. Total embarrassment.
  3. I was too young in the 70’s to remember Queen’s popularity in the United States. All I know is that Flash Gordon was the beginning of the end for them, and they were virtually a non-factor in the 80’s. If this was a U.S. based poll, Queen might reach the round of 16, but no further.
  4. I'm sort of beginning to not care anymore. Never thought I would say that, but after all the excitement of Slash and Duff's return, nothing has manifested itself in the form of new music. A person starts to look back at what could have been with this band, especially with it's incredible early success. If you are old enough to remember 1991, you remember the frenzy and anticipation of the Use Your Illusion records, and that GN'R were the undisputed biggest band in the world. Perhaps it was wrong to think that things would echo that period of time with Slash and Duff back in the fold.
  5. I have both the toy truck (Christmas gift), and the laundry bag (purchased myself). No regrets. Two of the more unique items that used to be in their merch store. Aside from the AFD related box sets, everything they're selling now is garbage.
  6. The episode concludes with Axl and the gang sitting around a campfire, singing "One In A Million"
  7. Down the road, I envision Axl guesting as himself on an episode of Family Guy, where Peter becomes the third keyboard player in Guns N' Roses and fights the big yellow chicken, thinking it's Buckethead.
  8. I think Edward Van Halen will be resurrected, and release new music with VH before GN'R release anything
  9. Sorry you won't be going. I hope you'll opt for a refund this time. Maybe without any cash coming in from touring, the band will release new music. Doubt it, though.
  10. Well, if that’s the case, it’s going to delay any album release for another nine years or so.
  11. On the first day of Christmas, Guns N' Roses gave to me NO NEW ALBUM And Fernando cackled with glee
  12. The same one was available last year, and it "allegedly" sold out. As far as the other holiday items revealed today, there's not a single thing that interests me. Both the sweaters look wretched. They should have made last year's sweater available again, it actually looked great.
  13. The band's catalog does contain a number of November releases, and it does make the most sense to release something right before Black Friday. However, releasing a new album is most likely contingent on whether Axl's boy Joe Biden is able to cheat his way to the presidency. Axl probably dedicated a love song to him for the new record.
  14. I’d buy the yellow one if it was made in America, but I suspect it is not.
  15. If you are a Republican/conservative, it’s the insanely stupid “Live N’ Let Die With COVID-45” shirt that killed the band for you.
  16. Didn't you hear? There's a new album hidden inside the pinball machines, all you have to do is 1) buy the pinball machine, and 2) take a sledgehammer to said pinball machine in order to access the new album. It sets you back only a few thousand dollars! What's not to love?
  17. I got the strong feeling there would have been a new Guns N' Roses record this year, had COVID not happened. And to be honest, those who have released new albums this year haven't seen much in the way of sales. Take Katy Perry, for example. Her newest record fell out of the Billboard top 200 after two weeks. Granted, she sucks and in no way should be mentioned in the same breath as Guns N' Roses, but at one time she could move albums. Another example is Bon Jovi, whose most recent album '2020' debuted at number 19, but fell to number 145 in just it's second week. I don't expect the upcomi
  18. I ordered it from Amazon in August, with the ship date to be 10/9. Then when I looked at the order again, Amazon had changed the ship date to 10/30. So I just ended up cancelling. I had bought a copy of the Walmart splatter vinyl, anyway. Didn't really see myself needing another color.
  19. This Greatest Hits set is a hastily thrown together package, a money grab. Perhaps anyone who gets a copy with the backwards photo will have a potential collector's item if UMG decides to fix it in the future. I ordered the gold splatter version from Amazon, won't be shipping until October 9th at the earliest.
  20. Isn't it time to retire the Appetite For Destruction cross? Izzy and Steven aren't coming back, so stop trying to profit off something that isn't representing the current band.
  21. Possible updates: "She Lied" "She Was Misinformed" "She Doesn't Know Jack-Shit About What's Going On" "She's Getting A Free Copy Of Greatest Hits On Vinyl If She Doesn't Open Her Mouth Anymore"
  22. I elected to buy the import vinyl from Amazon, with the gold/red/white splatter. Their current price is $47.99, which could drop a little more before it's release date. For whatever reason, I don't have much interest in the picture disc.
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