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  1. Hey everyone, prostitute has a very pretty ending, i think it's 3 chords that keeps on playing and i would like to know if anyone has an idea of what these chords are? thank you!!!
  2. Axl sang prostitute with clean vox because the song is him about not doing what he doesn't want to do to please others and earn big bucks, so he sang in clean because people generally want him to rasp and dislike his new clean vox (at least i assume they do) is my theory 10/10?
  3. I really am good at doing things for other people i guess😎
  4. Didn't say he needed to but it's interesting to know how much mysic theory musicians know and how much success you can achieve with very little knowledge it!
  5. So,as the title says, do you think Axl knew music theory?
  6. Some of the jokes are okay but some of em take it too far and bcome annoying let's be real
  7. In this tweet, the official guns n roses Twitter seems to confirm (back in 2015) one of the intros they play b4 CD was the general Which intro do you think they're referring to?
  8. Prostitute is an awesome song but something on it doesnt seme ruin and ruins it a little...perhaps the vocals?
  9. https://instagram.com/thesamepictureofaxl?igshid=1utkxv0usu5 looks like someone's gonna reach 200 posts just like this thread reached 200 pages
  10. Thread asking nando for sailing HQ audio if anyone's interested
  11. So much whining and toxicity about stupid things; Axl's weight axl's hair n' bla bla like any of that even matters... the guy is almost 60 let the man look the way he pleases, if the weight is gonna harm him this aint the way to make it better. I thought the community is supposed to be full of grown adults???
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