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  1. Anyone see the new pinball machines? One of them has the lithos all over it, including your chance to own a Kobe haha. I loved the original gnr pinball machine and considered it a grail. These new ones based on NiTL are pretty dope! pinball
  2. I've used that destroy something beautiful line a hundred times, probably along the bad decisions with women hahaha. Im a terrible human. That Rolex story is awesome. I had never seen nor heard of it. Glad you shared it.
  3. Sorry dude, I completely whiffed on explaining that. I understand how condition effects value in a collector world. I was only speaking for myself, that if I owned the only dinged Kobe, I would be just as happy and proud of it as the dude who has one mint. Its just how I am wired. Due to it being limited, it just wouldn't bother me like it does "normal" collectors. Value has nothing to do with MY collection. Thats all I meant. The Mona Lisa thing is from the movie/book Fight Club. It struck a cord with me many moons ago. Now that I have played therapist with myself and opened the doo
  4. With only 150 in the world...that ding doesn't mean shit to me. "Even the Mona Lisa is falling apart." I have never been a collector of anything to that extreme, infact I probably lean the other way and find beauty in the flaws.
  5. 9k holy shit! I think it can now be counted as a grail (not that it wasn't before). That exceeded my expectations. Whats up old homies? Covid has kept my world spinning, hope you are all doing well!
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