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  1. I use to visit some facebook pages like gnfnrfanspot or something like that and I feel so frustated when I see some fans excited for new merch, nightrain shit etc.. They are still selling big arenas so they think whats the point to stop touring yet?
  2. So you think that the voice you can hear in the outro of Rocket Queen is Axl from the late 80 or beggining of the 90s?? He never used that clean voice before so yes it was something new and re recorded
  3. In live era they used re recorded vocals thats sure, we dont know if there are come from the same sessions. Also the Welcome to the jungle from the village sounds more like a rehearsal than anything, all the guys are playing in the same room
  4. My wife says Gnr is the most boring band in the world always the same songs..
  5. Cd Maddy and The Blues were so much better on lockers leak than the final product. Only TWAT got some improvement ( the leak from 2006 w/Bucket) the best version ever
  6. No its just a jam. I already asked to Robin that Which song/jam of 2011 do you mean?
  7. I would like to ask you, we've heard stuff live that could be unreleased songs like when Axl played Prostitute as intro for November here are some possibilities. - orchestral Intro from North America tour (2002) - piano solo before November Rain usa 2002 - piano moving jam L.A 2006 - intro 2006/2010 The General
  8. First time someone mentioned Cuban Skies Tonto Going Down..was MSL right? So he was right..what happened to those 11 tracks?
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