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  1. I would agree Tobias for Slash So you have Richard lead and Paul rhythm guitar
  2. We know that the band used new song before being released. The General was used in 2006 and 2010 as intro of the show. Prostitute in 2006 as intro of November Rain. In 2002 the intro of the north american tour was a orchestral arrangement like The General (could be Marco's work too?) Also before NR Axl used to play that year Asshole song, and a slowly piece that sounds good. What do you think?
  3. Next we will discuss about Axls gardener. I say its meaningless to post this in a GNR forum
  4. Which is GNR connection? Who cares about Seymour?
  5. The Joint Proshot Afd 99'version The version of CD that was gonna be released in 2002. All the songs with vox post 1994
  6. Met all the band except Paul, Brain and Buckethead.
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