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  1. Susan said on the last podcast that this cover will be included on the next record.
  2. I was doing some digging and stumbled upon this. I'm pretty sure I hear Out Ta Get Me and Bad Obsession. 0:49 – Out Ta Get me??? 1:10 – Bad Obsession Donald Trump, Jeffrey Epstein, Ghislaine Maxwell can be seen in that party
  3. This was posted at another forum. Thoughts? “Rick Dunsford went to Tom Zutaut's dealership a month or so ago. He bought three tracks from him: Zodiac 13 w/ vocals, an alternate demo of Hard School with a different vocal take, and an Axl piano ballad for $3k. Zodiac 13 w/ vocals is described as similar to Oh My God, mean vocals, very angry. Hard school has raspy verses. It got the This I Love treatment pretty much. Tom Zutaut has over 400 CDs from the Village era. ”
  4. By the way, Jason Porath (RR co-writer and handler of this project) is answering questions and feedback constantly on the #reckless-road channel of The War Room.
  5. Thank you Matt Sorum by take care us. This is fucking great. Too bad it got cancelled I would have definitely bought it.
  6. The chat is over now. It was really fun. A recording will come around later I suppose.
  7. Marc Canter will be on in 2hr30m from now! See you guys there!
  8. If I recall correctly, somebody did ask Fernando something about Marc Canter's videos in the chat... but I dont remember very well... Hopefully he comes back
  9. As you might already know, Marc is planning on opening his vault for the fans and would love to hear your suggestions on what to release, how to do it, and where to do it.
  10. Join The War Room with the invite on Marc's post or this one! Discord.gg/64w5vb6
  11. Clearly some autistic person thought it would be a good idea to prevent the fans from Fernando chatting with the fans ever again by recording it, posting it online and twisting his words. how sad some GNR fans can be.
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