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  1. They have just soundchecked Enter Sandman…
  2. Do you have any scientific proof to believe vaccines don't work? Are you an anti vaxxer? @dontdamnmeuyi2015
  3. That is 100% true, no vaccines are 100% effective in real life, and I am truly sorry to hear about your family. But the point is the same. How many deaths are acceptable in a society? Is it reasonable to expect nobody to die of covid? Should the US and the UK stop opening up because there are still people dying of covid, even with high levels of vaccination? When do we resume our lives? At zero covid? Even in Israel there are still covid patients in the hospitals and deaths everyday. It is a sad truth of life that people die. Not only of covid, but in car accidents, the flu season, cancer. Hospitals operating at 400% capacity and 4,000 people dying everyday is unacceptable, definitely. But after vaccines, COVID should not be any more of a concern in our daily lives than the flu, cancer, alcoholism, smoking or driving fast. Just my 0.2c and I know most people here think differently.
  4. so what if you get covid huh? if you are vaccinated, you won't die of it. period. even with variants, a nothing burger hyped by paranoid schizos that don't want the pandemic to be over. that should be enough to live your life with normalcy.
  5. I swear to god…… people like you are the true covidiots… you're vaccinated ffs! Jesus christ, live your life!
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