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  1. Someone won the 2000 dollars that the band was giving today 🤣🤣🤣 . In the post hj about the sale of a bandana I said I wanted a new album and not a bandana and the band replied that they had won something and asked to enter a link that doesn't work.
  2. This is very strange and it does not make sense for a re-recorded vocal and a normal support vocal, although nothing on this album sounds normal. When I hear the version of RIR III, for me it's the same thing as Finck, you will understand . That squeaky voice at every word he used to say. Damn ... I'm going crazy
  3. Does anyone know if the "New GN'R" had anything to do with the Live Era?!? Because thanks have names of some members and in Mr. Brownstone it seems that Robin Finck is in the voice of support in the chorus
  4. And I keep thinking ... What do these people gain by doing this since we are in the same boat?!? This pandemic has to end, people are going crazy !!!
  5. Well ... After the end of this information show with a "tragic" ending, it came to my mind what the crowd prefers: More leaks knowing that it could harm the band with a future Or they prefer to wait for the band to release some material even though they know it may take years again
  6. It is hard to imagine that there is trolling like this still where we are in the same boat in the hope of some new music in the magical world of GN'R.
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