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  1. If that's your prerogative, more kudos or power to you! I completely agree with you , no one have rights to demand anything from them... And they don't owe us anything. Like anyone can demand from fans and fans don't owe any band or artist, full support. Fans as artists are entitled to their opinions and their likes... It's a two way street...
  2. I really want not to be the person that bashes everything the band does this day... But it's hard for me... It's not agains the band, Team Brazil, Slash, Caram etc. Like mobsters say "Nothing personal, it's just business" But personally with exception of Axl's vocal mix there's nothing, absolutely nothing in this version that got improved from the leaked version. Worse, the released version it much more sterile than the leaked version. For me all the potential that has in the leaked was washed up and manipulated over years of tinkering and how many rerecordings. It's already started bad with the intro and one with the holy grail of GNR sound, Duff's bass... It's completely stock in sound! Duff bass sound was one of GNR signatures and is there just to emulate an It's So Easy type of intro. The new intro doesn't have any build up as the old one and Slash little licks is embarrassing to say the least. I'm not even close of a Frank basher, I'm the few ones that like him more than Brain, but what this new drum track brings to the song? It was him? It was Brain? I don't know, but these drum track is just also emulate some kind of Old Guns vibe that doesn't improve anything. Slash it's in the song like he has been live with GNR since 2016... Uninspiring and stock! And lowest part is in the breakdown after the solo and before the last choruses, there's one single note on the entire thing that I prefer over the demo version. And the mix it's just flat... Not eq or compression wise... It's flat in the way it's so nice it's not sound like a Rock mix. I'd like to know who mixed it. To a song that was demoed with a such grand production, this more basic arrangement left the song appearing to have a lot of blank spaces that wasn't fulfilled or even covered at all. For more that I disliked Absurd with what I believed was bad tempo choices vocally, it's by far more ballsier mix and production and relates more with what GNR is today than this weak attempt to do a "Classic GNR " song
  3. Like they didn't self implode shortly after... Izzy bailed before the release, Slash and Duff never released anything in GNR for 20 years!! They just finished the tour that secured them for life. It's not like GNR released more 2 or 3 albuns because they put it down all the differences with UYI ... It was what it should've been even if it was like the KISS solo albuns.
  4. I don't think It could be cut to a single album since there are a lot of VERY LONG songs and cd only can have 74 minutes of audio. But if they made an effort with a really good A&R guy I really do think that UYI could be bigger than Appetite. But it all ifs and buts My 1 UYI track list would be 1- Dust N' Bones 2- Don't Cry 3- Bad Obsession 4- Double Talkin' Jive 5- November Rain 6- Bad Apples 7- Dead Horse 8- Civil War 9- 14 Years 10- Yesterdays 11- Knockin' On Heavens Door 12- Pretty Tied Up 13- So Fine 14- Estranged 15- You Could Be Mine
  5. I think this Dude does a really good job.
  6. I agree. It's full Mickey most of the time... But his breath control is getting better.
  7. I'm almost 42 and I don't remember any other record being so anticipated than the Illusions record! Not before and not even close after. The end of 90 and 1991 Guns N' Roses had its share of Beatlemania
  8. Although I think Adler physically can't put up with touring at this level, his participation would be more like "you play Appetite era songs, Frank will play the rest of the songs" situation.
  9. I think Duff said that just to save face to Matt since Duff had signed the deal already. It's "for me it would be you, but there's nothing I can do about it" The old habit of Duff and Slash to blame the lead singer for not stsnding up for themselves
  10. I personally think that if UYI was a single album it would be as big or bigger than Appetite. If a real producer could choose the right tracklist it would be a massive album for all kinds of audiences. It would be a more ballad album with Don't Cry, November Rain Civil War and Estranged but it would still have a pretty hard rock album for 1991
  11. GNR wasnt bigger than Bon Jovi and U2 in 1988
  12. It's because the live version Axl sings at the right tempo
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