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  1. I feel you... Have the same problem with Brain drum sound...
  2. Wow.... This explain all of things I'm sayin' about Slash senseless playin' this four year... He is just listening himself... But wait a minute... Slash decides what goes on his IEM , so it's entirely his fault... Not Frank... So if slash is not Listening the rest of the band... It's not Frank fault of some mistakes. It's Slash's that is not hearing what he should. Wait to see about the feel/vibe of the way Taylor is playin....
  3. Yeah... Richard and Frank are passing the buck to Slash and Duf... Of course... Richard and Frank are now the Musical Directors of Guns N' Roses ... They are telling Slash and Duff what to do... As much as Team Brazil is doing with Axl... Gotta laugh with some theories...
  4. I think it's amazing how the same people who said the worsts things about Finck, Bucket, Bumble, Ashba and Fortus for not playing note for note Slash solos in the past are the ones trying to justify why Slash is not doing it with Chinese songs and sometimes his own solos... And the reason they try to justify it is the classic vibe/feel excuse... When 50% the vibe/feel thing is an out of tune bend with a closed eye and a pain expression that says "wow I almost fucked up big time"
  5. Slash hasn't been untouchable at least since Ain't Life Grand
  6. Yeah, you're right I forgot to write supposedly... Just is supposedly Axl had financial and were done before the reunion... As supposedly Axl, Slash or Duff are ashamed by TB management
  7. No, its a fact... What the so called A-List Managers GNR had after Goldstein did to release new music and or promote the band?
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