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  1. With exception of Hardschool that I would change for Rhiad... There would be none of the links in the album in my opinion.... They're just erratic songwriting... Copy and paste of parts of songs that don't necessary mix well together... In the end... Ezrin was right
  2. Something must have happened between Puerto Rick 2010 and Rock In Rio 2011.... Axl was a different person since that. And the end of Patience at RIR 2011 shows it
  3. 1- I can't understand all the love for Brain and the anger towards Frank 2- Slash since Contraband and with very rare exceptions just plays uninspired and boring noodling... 3-Slash solo in This I Love is just lame
  4. It was de pandemic, now is the riots, after that will be the elections then it will be the postponed gigs and so on and so on
  5. Izzy have dealt with Slash out of his mind, Duff alcoholism and Axl ego but he couldn't handle people tryin' to mess with his loot even back then... When Axl and Slash presented the contract where he gets diminished and the costs of touring with overtime fees and multi million videos are too high, he decided to quit. It's simple as that if pay attention closely... At least a Izzy's side. Axl, Slash and Duff can say whatever they want about Izzy not wanting to tour or commitment. But in the end Izzy isn't in this tour because they didn't want t split the loot.
  6. Why he would ever talk about the deep shits Axl never wanted public? Or say something negative about him? Axl was the guy who helped him when he was broke and pratically homeless... Maybe to a lot of people loyalty is something underestimated... It doesn't seems to be Dizzy's case. And for me it's a better way to handle life than "I can talk shit about Axl publicly because I know Axl and I love him" that some members uses to promote his solo efforts in the past
  7. I was never into Brain's drum sound... Or his playing in GNR... Josh by far
  8. I heard a rumour somewhere that Myles will take a break until the next Alter Bridge cycle... He is supposed to have played 300 shows by the end of the year and it took a price to his vocal chords... Maybe Slash will have 2020 to focus on GNR.
  9. If you ask Matt Sorum or Scott Weiland they would say yes
  10. Slash going to Axl's house in the middle of the night asking to come back.
  11. I didn't say he is on the same level as Slash... I´ve just pointed out that Slash was replaceable for 20 years, 1 record and countless headlining tours... So the theory that one is irreplaceable and the other ain't it's not true... At least in Axl's head
  12. I believe 20 years, a record and countless headlining tours says the opposite
  13. Yeah... Everybody spent these years listening to Anastasia, Mind Your Manners and World On Fire... LOL
  14. Yeah... Nobody heard these songs... Rainy Day Women #12 &35 Just Like A Woman The Weight I Shall Be Released The Night They Drove Old Dixie Down Up On Cripple Creek Photograh (Ringo Starr) It Don't Come Easy Forever Young
  15. It's kinda funny when you say Harrison it's not relevant because he doesn't have big riff and solos (which i can disagree and name a few in just a sec). And call Keith a rhythm player , a guy who wrote riffs like Satisfaction, Jumpin Jack Flash, Start me up, Brown Sugar, Honk Tonk Woman among others... With the exception of While My Guitar Gently Weeps do you know any other recording Clapton did with the Beatles?
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